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Meagan Moore Oct 2016
A moment's acquaintance with the scintilla convenes as a gallant trail blaze through a dilation of the universe.
A dismantling into compulsion and magnetics.
Meagan Moore Oct 2016
Ultimately, language will be replaced by subtleties.
The amplified magnitude of your true essence commingling amidst another's - unbounded and effortless.
Parallel perspectives - instinctive and raw
Each quark and quirk facing the void
Evoking recognition of confidence wrought amidst the entwined advent of your ability to manifest emergent and fresh.
Hewn vibrationally in the full spectrum of presence,  we lightly upon wave form.
All aspects of life require wave forms. Light, voice, thought, pulse, etc. This poem entreats upon such thoughts.
Meagan Moore Oct 2015
Before mere precepts of the sweat eluding your pore against my form
Before the head nestled into muffled coo edging into my clavicle
Before DNA coalesced into synapse erupting the lattice of your brain
Poem fragments 10/12/15
Meagan Moore Oct 2015
In sandalwood grove
I learned the echo of water to your form
My hands cupping clay-stained water
And smearing the settling sediments
About your prone frame

I kissed resin from between your knees
And beckoned hippo’s bray in dusks heat
Tangerine rinds cusp dipped dew between
Your collar and my own
As I newly learned the friction of water about my body
Sinking headily into tones of each other’s woods
Meagan Moore Oct 2015
The trees thrashed in concurrent wind
Bolstering a growing hum
Akin to mine own
Meagan Moore Oct 2015
I posit the bliss of my form to your own
Rendering novelty without pretension
Pressed between tongue and mouth roof prone
I divulge eloquence to uncertainty of evoked tension
Urging understanding of the necessity of patience
As moments of bliss are built on anticipation
Unearthing potent pith and fragrance
Encouraging transcendent stimulation
As we become more than mere acquaintance
Effulging  pollinate conveyance
Lingering in pools of succulent temptation
Seeking negation of complacence
I proffer thusly this bequest
To quell your soul and mind upon my chest
Meagan Moore Oct 2015
Silent tokens passed between us
Rondures to fill the hand
When our own could not

Encouragement  inked into flesh
Pungent crisp orange oil mist
Inoculating heady aroma to memory

We both devoured them
The juice running down your face
Was my own
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