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Marissa Aug 2016
"Make the most of your time being young."
"Time goes so fast."
"I would do anything to be your age again."

I hear these statements multiple times everyday at work when the the residents ask my name, age, where I live, and if I have a boyfriend.

From what I can see, they clearly wish that they could turn back time, or be doing something different with their lives.
They wish that they could be me again.
But they have no idea how much I want to be them.
Anyone but this.

Mary said, "Honey, never grow up."
"Live and learn," Elaine says.

But instead I say, "Delpha, I wish to age 60 years tonight just to be you."
This probably isn't even poetry, it's probably just me ******* out my thoughts. Lol, I'm cool.
Marissa Aug 2016
The other side of the bed is empty. Next to me, no one.
I think of the comfort that they could give me.
But yet I am alone.
The silence strangles me.
And my words, nothing heard.
I sit in the night with nothing to think about, thinking about nothing.
The room is cold.
My heart is cold.
A blanket of hope is what I need for warmth.
Marissa Aug 2016
Oh, the midnight wave.
The wave of sadness that
takes many casualties.
A depressing thought turns
my eyes to glass
and my heart to stone.
I'm trapped.
A wall in the tropical jungle of dispar
that I can't climb over.
There is no use to call for help
for there is no one in this storm.
The darkness envelopes
my feelings.
And soon I feel the
slightest comfort.
I may be alone
but I look to the
sky for my future
Oh, the midnight wave.
Marissa Aug 2016
She wishes she could pick up a paintbrush and copy her visions onto a blank canvas.
For she wants to paint what she feels, because words just seem to fail.
She wishes that her painting was a masterpiece.
For she wants to be known for something.
She's wishes that one day she would be understood.
For people say that her eyes are in full color, while she sees the world in only black and white.
Marissa Apr 2016
I crave a love
so deep that
the ocean would
writhe in
  Apr 2016 Marissa
Lips so red,
So tender and so delicate.

A whole galaxy lies within them,
Galaxy of love.

I always imagine what will they feel like when pressed against my dry hard lips,
Would feel the love i have for you,
Or would you feel what I'm trying to hide from you.

I would like to kiss you someday,
All day long,
All night long,
To just know that you were even real.
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