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 Feb 2017 Marissa
Raj Bhandari









 Nov 2016 Marissa
"Guns for Hands is talking about- I want to tell you that I know
you have the ability to hurt yourself, you do, you have that ability.
I feel like a lot of the older generation when they hear about someone
struggling with it their first reaction is “No you’re not, you’re not struggling
with that- think about something else. You’re just trying to get attention”. But this song
was really trying to say “Listen I know that you have the ability to hurt yourself,
I recognize that, but let’s take that energy and let’s point it at something else,
let’s divert that, lets kinda shift momentum and look at something like art
or something like this music specifically, or even point it at me, you
know- just point it anywhere. Just don’t point it at yourself."
I didn't write this. Tyler Joseph said this about his song Guns For Hands. I just thought it was important.
 Nov 2016 Marissa
bella patel
we're all searching for purpose.
from painting to writing,
us humans believe that creating leads to purpose.
maybe if our delicately destructive hands can create,
rather than destroy,
we can gain a sense of purpose.
however, i am still looking for it.
what is the point of living if i do not contribute to the world?
without purpose,
my life is meaningless.
there's nothing to prove my existence.
i might as well be dead.
this whole thing was inspired from kitchen sink by twenty one pilots
 Nov 2016 Marissa
 Nov 2016 Marissa
I am obsessed,
With an unreasonable,
Amount of pilots.
21 to be exact
 Nov 2016 Marissa
Arcassin B
By Arcassin Burnham (Inspired By Johnny Cash)

I Hurt Myself Today,
Cause Everything's Surreal,

I Use to,
Love the pain,
Ignored the devil's deals,

I get deeper , in the hole,
Seeing what tomorrow brings,
God knows all the rest of your days,
And he remembers everything,

What Have I Become,
My Darkened End,
Everyone I Know , Knows their way,
In the End,
And You Could Have It All,
My self love of worth,
I always let you down,
I Will Make You Hurt,

The Man With His Two Horns,
Has Things He Wants To Share,
Maintain These Old Thoughts,
Don't You Let Him Hear,

An Ode To Father Time,
There's Nothing, Else To Fear,
Fight Battles Somewhere Else,
But I Am Still Right Here,

What Have I Become,
My Darkened End,
Everyone I Know , Knows their way,
In the End,
And You Could Have It All,
My self love of worth,
I always let you down,
I Will Make You Hurt,
If I Could Start Again,
Then Everyone Would Stay,
Times I Saved Myself,
I Won't Die ..Today.

 Oct 2016 Marissa
Matt Hews
 Oct 2016 Marissa
Matt Hews
I remember it like it was yesterday -
The sickly anti-septic smell,
The bright fluorescent-lit room.
The perpetual

Your eyes are closed;
Your face at ease.
But I know,
Under the immaculate facade
Of gentle freckles -
You are in so much pain.

I gently squeeze your hand.

Your eyes open:
A bewitching light-brown.
You smile one of your illuminating smiles -
The kind that would make stars envious.
Your dimples
A perfect compliment to your picturesque features.

Goodbye, my love
                 You whisper.

Your eyes close;
Your face at ease.

I will never forget that icy sound:
The sound of finality.
The undying

You are always in my heart, my Love. I can't wait to meet you on the other side again; where we can hold each other for eternity.
Mother, you are not living nor dying~
just frozen in between two worlds
like a hopeless holocaust victim

Skeletal, too frail to make a fist,
and abandoned by hope~
a bucket full of dreams empty
Your legacy? Uncertain.
Sins? Forgotten.
And love, sweet love
once savored with drool is
buried under an electric blanket

Until the thread gives way,
I will curse nature for
being such a cruel selector

Written by Sara Fielder © Sept 2012
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