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haylee Mar 2020
because in all of his destruction,
in all of his lies and chaos,
he’s given me a place to feel safe
i think by now you should know it’s you.
haylee Dec 2019
i’ve fallen in and out of love with you a million times
each time i fall harder then before
now i’m stuck with feelings that could never be returned:(
haylee Sep 2019
Give me just one last cheer before I part my dear
For the seas are rough and I might not get through it
With one last kiss, one last hug
Will give me hope until I arrive home

Please don't be sad my dear
We'll meet again soon

As I sit and watch the man who never cries, I float away before our goodbye
His big hands covered the sand
And off I went, to Neverland
haylee Feb 2019
She doesn't love you.
She only wants you for the looks.
She is toxic and I don't get why you can't see that
"I'll deal with the ache"
Is it really worth it when you'll see her with her next victim soon enough?

Just remember my love, she'll always kiss you with her eyes open.
haylee Jan 2019
I fell in love
With the way you loved me
With the words you told me
With the smile you had
With you
You have the key, my dear.
haylee Nov 2018
Just know you're okay
Just know I love you

I miss you, love
I miss our memories

I need you in my life
I need your comfort

Please, miss me too
haylee Sep 2018
Instantly, in that moment
I once again felt heartache
The butterflies suddenly die and get turned into sadness
The happiness drifts away with every memory that pops to mind of us
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