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Marian Kutra Sep 2019
Flowers blooming in the mid-autumn rain,
small crystals of water forming in their petals,
spreading their beautiful aroma in throbs of pain,
written in black ink across love letters.

Nuit blanches of enormous hurt,
clouded by the haze of our dream.
I, a weary traveler, guided home,
by the light of your love beam.

"Chrysanthemums of love blooming in the heart,
                                                bleeding it dry, yet keeping it alive"
Marian Kutra Feb 2019
O' Heavens Gate
above me as you stay
heed my call of pain
As I sit and pray.

'Tis life that broke me,
with hellish pain unforgotten.
'Tis life that stranded me
and let my soul be broken.

That beautiful crystal,
that shone with the brightest of lights,
was crushed to smithereens
before disappearing out of sight.

Oh, it disappeared,
never again to be seen,
yet in its place there remained
A bright everlasting sheen.

It shone light
into the darkness of my soul,
A light that expells
whatever may be foul.

For it is hope that keeps us,
however sane we might be.
It is hope that keeps us alive,
in a world filled with treachery.
Marian Kutra Aug 2018
Everyday is but a fleeting moment,
gone with in the blink of an eye.
People we meet, yet forget to greet,
each of them living life in their own way...

Our ego dictates the way we live,
yet restricts us to our basic selfish need,
our soul becoming just a shell
for our enormous greed...

Each step we take in our waking life,
becomes but a routine,
so much that we forget to look at the beauty of the world,
the only thing that remains pristine...
Marian Kutra Jan 2018
She walked in Beauty...
Her graceful steps resound
as they leave their echo
on the cold metal ground.

Her tall, lithe body
stood in might amongst her peers,
graced with beautiful,  charming eyes
wherein there was a tear.

It rolled down her cheeks,
As it made a crescent arc,
as it landed in my spirit,
where it left an immortal mark.

She passed before me,
A fleeting moment of bliss,
before blessing the air,
with an enchanting kiss.

I stood there bewitched,
as if a spell fell upon me,
which gave me no right to move,
nor anyone else to see.

I watched her leave,
Like a masterful illusion,
That committed upon me,
such a forceful intrusion.

As I watched her ever-departing back,
I started thinking of what I'd lost
as a cause of my meager ego,
but, alas, at what a shocking cost...

                           Marian Kutra ©
Marian Kutra Jun 2017
Days go by,
with morning suns and midnight moons,
as your spirit dances
to an old man's tune.

Life for you,
never so serene has it appeared
until now in your old age,
when you've truly let go.
of what you feared

You've traveled so long,
and you've never stopped,
carrying bittersweet memories
with each golden token you've dropped.
Seen the world,
in its pure beauty and sin,
felt the pain of losing,
in every place you've been.

Yet you continue your lifelong journey,
of finding the unfound,
never giving up on living,
not for any situation or problem,
in which you were bound.

Dreams unfulfilled,
were littered broken in your road,
yet you kept on going
with renewed hope.
For life is not to be regretted,
but to be loved.
For old age is never to be feared,
but to be enjoyed
Marian Kutra Dec 2016
On a summer's night full of stars,
I gaze out into the sky
and I see millions of lights,
carving out what I see around me.

A slight breeze so silently flows,
and it slowly caresses my face,
just like a mother's warm kiss,
on a lovely night just like this.

What I see before me,
is green all around,
just like dreams of hope,
but silent,
with no sound.

Then a dark raven flies,
across the crystal skies,
carrying with it the bad omen,
its being signifies.

It lets out a shriek,
so desperate it sounds,
to warn the others,
of the dangers lurking all around.

Its pitch black feathers,
just like obsidian they seem,
shining beautifully under the moonlight,
just as if in a dream.

It swoops down from the sky,
as if wanting to escape,
but then it flies back up,
knowing it can't run away from its fate.

He then lets out a resounding shriek,
as if happy, he is
and flies away eternally,
flowing with the night breeze.
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