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Dec 2016
On a summer's night full of stars,
I gaze out into the sky
and I see millions of lights,
carving out what I see around me.

A slight breeze so silently flows,
and it slowly caresses my face,
just like a mother's warm kiss,
on a lovely night just like this.

What I see before me,
is green all around,
just like dreams of hope,
but silent,
with no sound.

Then a dark raven flies,
across the crystal skies,
carrying with it the bad omen,
its being signifies.

It lets out a shriek,
so desperate it sounds,
to warn the others,
of the dangers lurking all around.

Its pitch black feathers,
just like obsidian they seem,
shining beautifully under the moonlight,
just as if in a dream.

It swoops down from the sky,
as if wanting to escape,
but then it flies back up,
knowing it can't run away from its fate.

He then lets out a resounding shriek,
as if happy, he is
and flies away eternally,
flowing with the night breeze.
Written by
Marian Kutra  18/M/Albania
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