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malcolm1060 Feb 2017
As dark hearts entwine,
by the pale glow of night,
they'll be mine.

As lips cut,
the buttercups in flight,
orbs pale and pitch shut.

You see?
I see them all alight,
yet still I let them be.

Flickering candles,
haha...they dance now,
unknowingly towards shambles.

Yes...I'll let them be,
awaiting their ***** and then they'll bow,
and be a part of me.
malcolm1060 Oct 2016
As I sit among the machinery,
all of my memories flit and flee,
like fireflies in the summer night,
caught by children gleefully.
I abhor this metallic scenery,
dirt and rust all covered in dust,
so I have to try with all my might,
to survive the storm and fight the gust.

So I think to the time when I was alive,
I believe that I was twenty-five,
and strolling through the garden glen,
our passion was the deepest dive.
The present wouldn't dare deprive,
my missing piece, my long lost love,
the moonlight shining on you then,
from broken clouds on high above.

To see you in the bare lit hue,
your lashes dripping midnight's dew,
was such a searing, stunning sight,
paled angels beauty far and few.
For it was you and only you,
that kept my heart until the end,
your fire burning warm and light,
so bright no heart it could not mend.
malcolm1060 Oct 2016
I've said all I can say
I gave my heart and had it thrown away
Never thought I could have it all
To live I felt I had to heed your call

The little cuts so do add up
The gashes run too deep
Couldn't learn to keep that love I once felt long ago
I knew I had to let it go

I think back to that day
You turned your back and spirited away
Damaging pained and darkened heart
Our passion sundered souls were torn apart

It took all of my strength to live
Had nothing left to give
Wondering if you were aching too
I wept to keep a part of you

I found a place to dwell
Within myself I found my heart as well
I finally learned again to be
What I had lost you couldn't take from me

The scars I wear all over me
I know to let them be
They are part of me forevermore
I only had to find the door

As the raven whispers to the dove
Someday I will find love
Until then I will always journey on
And live my ever changing song
malcolm1060 Sep 2016
As I lie here in this swamp of sorrow,
dead briar clutches in cold embrace.
The Reaper arrives for me on the morrow,
love lost, so bitter is all I taste.
I welcome the dark to this agony,
yet nightmares destroy the peace of sleep.
I beg to expire eternally,
yet my prayers remain silent so therefore I weep.
My God! My God! Please save me this pain,
I meant not my life to put me through this.
Have You forsaken my soul in vain?
To cast me down this tortuous abyss.
malcolm1060 Sep 2016
I guess,
as I sit here and reminisce,
that maybe once long ago we knew each other.
As time wears on, so we do,
the time has passed when I knew you.
I'm afraid my love I've changed again,
and I fear I will till the very end.
My thoughts tumble and foam,
as swift currents over rock and debris.
Hard to decipher which are my own,
was there ever a time that we were we?
I mean there was me,
and there was you,
until I found that which I knew was true.
The girl of my dreams who stole my heart,
you could make me smile with a simple.....
No really, that was part of you.
I fell in love, and felt the same from you.
As years passed, our hearts went up and down,
like kites in a turbulent wind,
until they hit the ground.
It was laborious to pull them up again,
for they were badly damaged, and it seemed the end.
But somehow, someway, we made them fly again,
although still broken, and impure.
Now I've cast them down once more.
I must mend them like they never were,
even better than they were before.
I have to change the way I repaired them last.
Making them whole and new,
I fear I'm trying too fast,
and that's something I don't want to do.
Still, I'm working on them quickly for the sake of us.
I now have new tools to fix sundered trust,
and the most binding of glues to protect us.
To be whole again is a must.
We need to work together,
to stay together,
So I proclaim we can fly our kites reborn,
no matter how violent the storm.
We can fly our kites so high,
our love will never die.
Our kites will merge as one,
and soar even higher than the sun.
Even Sol's heat will not destroy our kite,
in flight.
It will scorch it with passion,
no one could imagine,
and a love that burns bright.
To reach ever beyond that star,
one heart,
to travel forever far,
till we enter heaven,
and we'll never be apart....
malcolm1060 Sep 2016
To life there really is no meaning,
all and all it's simply being.
To cherish the touch of pleasure,
or wine and dine in equal measure?
To have a good time,
is that how you unwind?
To amass wealth beyond belief,
will that bring you relief?
To be famous or rare,
and trust masses will care?
To give rather than receive,
is selflessness what you believe?
To leave the world a better place,
for humankind of every race?
To moderate in every way,
and keep indulgence far at bay?
To explore and be adventurous,
and put your limits to the test?
To pass along your selfish genes,
immortalize by any means?
To believe in God or faith in being,
does even that have any meaning?
To perfect one's self to be the best,
far overreaching all the rest?
To overcome the struggle of life,
and charge headlong through all the strife?
To love forever as the dove,
do all you really need is love?
To gain wisdom, knowledge, philosophy,
is that your reason for reality?
Or is it fitting we decide,
not why but how we live or die?
To life there really is no meaning,
all and all it's simply
malcolm1060 Sep 2016
When she was with me,
I held her gently,
so tightly entwined.
I respired,
upon her breath,
her mother's milk,
skin soft as silk.
I feared her death,
to detect a tiny thrum,
of which to my ears,
were a silent drum.
Unleashing tears.
I held her and shuffled,
my thoughts were muddled.
She was fragile,
and I unagile.
Finally murmurs and squeaks,
proved her heartbeats.
Light as a feather,
my love forever.
I didn't want to let her go,
movements slow.
I knew the feeling,
to lose unseeing,
but i had to give in,
to the pain within.
Her beauty and softness,
became wrapped in darkness.
I had to leave her,
knowing again I'd see her.
As years go by,
I still creep in,
from time to time,
to descry the light within.
Seeing by gentle rays of moonlight,
her golden hair bright.
Though dingy compared to her eyes,
so vibrantly blue,
a mesmerizing hue,
filled with delight,
and suprise.
Simple things she likes,
love and laughter,
no sense of disaster.
Now she's five,
and so alive.
I want to wait for what her future will hold,
watching her grow as I become old.
I always want her with me,
as days pass quickly.
I share my pistachios,
and tickle her nose.
Will she remember these things,
when she grows wings,
and flies from me,
to the man of her dreams?
I can assuredly guess,
my future in sadness,
when I have to say "goodbye",
to my little princess...
my sweet Lorelei.
For my daughter...

— The End —