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mahea Apr 2014
grabbing the shovel of regret
you excavate the soft soil of the calm earth
that was once so fertile and perfect

piercing it's peace and purity
only left with the fragile remnants of dirt
that have instantly crumbled to pieces

you dig yourself deeper into the hole
the hands of loved ones reach out to you,
but why do you only reject?

you want to look up
but you're too afraid
to let your tears, already at the brim of your eyes to fall

you tell yourself to only look down
and dig deeper into the abyss of eternal darkness

by then, you've already dug too deep
you call for help
but everyone already gave up and left

it saddens me,
the idea of your complicated mentality

that the people around you cause only nothing but trouble
that the burdens laid upon you are not from yourself,
but only from others

love, open your eyes
why must you think this way?

you've denied everything
that could've lead you to the path of life

yet you carelessly ignored the help
and lead yourself to the pit of death

no one else is here to blame
when will you realize until it's too late?

when really the only person who held you back

was yourself.

i've seen situations where someone wants to just be happy, yet they can't move on and only make things more difficult for themselves. they blame the environment around them, for the burdens they carry. when really, they are the producer and creator of those problems ever since the beginning. they reject the help offered to them, until it's too late for them to be saved. through this, i hope those will realize.
mahea Sep 2013
forgive and educate
not to argue and discriminate
raise the power of love amongst hate
so that we will come together as one
and prevail underneath this luminous sun

mahea Sep 2013
open your ears and eyes to realize
guard yourself
from dangers and temptations
soften that hardened brain
and alleviate your heart

to escape from your physical life
and raise your spiritual side

mahea Sep 2013
minds and mentalities
corrupted and broken
from the noxious words
and infectious actions

by the repercussion and influence
of the people we once knew

who's hardened brains perished
and withered away

who's guarded hearts mutilated
and commutated

who's perspective reciprocated
and influenced predominantly
by fallacious things

how will we,
when will we
restore our youth?

mahea Sep 2013
the night sky sang lullabies to me
each note pulsating with the light of each star
i breathed quietly to the beat of their song
mesmerized by the ballad of luminious spheres
the light starts to fade
as the lids of my eyes join together
till the only thing in sight
is the immersed darkness

mahea Sep 2013
our minds corrupted and polluted
by the smoke of one's self consciousness
suffocating inside the walls of what we call a body
only having the ability to be limited and judged

we lost ourselves

mahea Aug 2013
i sing with my fingers
among six strings
who cannot speak
but only the notes and harmonies
of my thoughts and feelings

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