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Maggie Huston Oct 2016
Once upon the perfect evening
Glass shoes glided along vast ballroom floors
Coaches bumped down candlelit paths
And maidens drifted atop mountainous gowns

Once upon the perfect evening
Shoes shattered
Carriages crumpled
And ballgowns trailed blood
inspired by Cinderella
Maggie Huston Oct 2016
it was a late night
we were walking alongside a road
quiet was the air with the exception of the rare
car passing
but then out of the darkness
it came

the car was all windows down
rap music busting through worn speakers
yells and whistles penetrating our ears
yet we walked on

but the monster crept back
hungry for our power
preying on our innocence
maiming us with their words

and just like that it was finished with us
it slunk off into darkness
never to be seen again
Hey I'm 14 years old and my name is Maggie, hope you enjoy!

— The End —