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alexis Mar 8
long hair
blue eyes
the smile has to stay alive
the following of the mans
u look like a man
I like cheese
just some random thoughts that popped up and had to make something of them
alexis Mar 6
another pound
it wont help
the beauty is inside you not before you
you think your ****
you think your fat
and you tell yourself that those are facts
so pretty girl
take the weight off
let me show you you don't need the makeup
you're beautiful with in
and that's all that matters
you really don't need to climb that social ladder
you should love you for you
and that is what you shall do
so pretty girl take it off
show the world
that is whats up
alexis Mar 6
I can feel the sweat fall down my back
knees weak that I can no longer stand
the feeling of those eyes watching me from the front
as my back becomes wet
and the tears begin to flow
I can tell tonight I will be a no show
I try but I cant
I want but I wont
I can't
I feel ill but i'm not sick
the coward in me is a *****
I can't do what I want
I can't perform
I can't speak
the little things are possible
but the coward in me made them the impossible
this is about my anxiety to do the smaller things like sing in front of a crowd or introducing myself to a new person to others the small things are so easy but to me the smaller things are the impossible
alexis Mar 6
The darkening light of the eyes of the innocent

The pain in the hearts of the others

The losing faith in a child's life makes one wonder

You have to ask how long can you live

With yourself turned away from reality

When you look into the eyes of your brother

How well do you know the others

I like cheese
this was a poem I wrote after I had read the book the outsiders which was written in 1963 and published in 1970

— The End —