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Alyssa Jul 2020
A photograph of a girl,
with dark hair and a bright smile.
And overtime, over pictures, you see her unfurl.

A smile, and a glimmer in her eye,
her rosy cheeks stretch into a smile, with her arm around her friend,
the change is hard to deny.

A week ago, hollow cheeks and bright hair,
dried from the bleach and dye,
when did she fall into the depths of despair?

Empty eyes with no hope,
and a plain, faked grinned,
her decline is a slippery *****.

She falls further down,
gripping to the sides,
as she tumbles and tumbles and tumbles.
Alyssa Jun 2020
Warm, warm hands,
and warm, warm hearts.
If she leaves I fall apart.

Warm, warm blankets,
and hot, hot coffee,
as I wonder her opinions of toffee.

Cold, cold wind,
and cold, cold feet,
as she cuddles up to me for heat.

Sweet, sweet lips,
and sweeter lies,
as we stare up at the skies.

Empty, empty hands,
and a lonely, lonely heart,
she left and I fell apart.

— The End —