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Leisa Battaglia Aug 2018
Babies, babies everywhere
Usually it's your opinion I share
We're too old, too tired, too busy
But the babies all around me are making me dizzy

I'm rational, realistic and levelheaded
It would be enough for me if we were just wedded
Barely in our forties, but our youth in the past
But I feel that the baby window is closing fast

We each have our own and have been down this road a time or two
But they're all growing up so fast, and I've never gotten to have one with you
Robbed of that chance, I feel like we missed out on what should've been our life, our destiny
But I feel blessed for the boys we have and I will be happy if that's all that's meant to be

Babies are loud and they're too expensive
And, truthfully, I really do like the way we live
So many obstacles stand in the way
A vasectomy, decreased fertility, how to pay

It all gets so technical and sterile and void of romance
I wonder if there is even the slightest chance
All the procedures we'd need to endure
So with this decision, we both must be sure

Will we regret it and wish we had chosen a different path
I don't want to end up in the poor house for not doing the math
I'm so busy, would a surrogate be the way to go
A nanny is fine for after, but with a surrogate, can a bond grow

Then there's the smell of their hair
That special bond that only you two share
The way they hold onto you as if you hold the key to their heart
The look of total terror in their eyes whenever you must part

A small piece of me and a small piece of you
Someone we create together, something we chose to do
The one we were supposed to have years ago
The dream that neither of us quite let go

Here we are, decades later, together again
Has too much time passed, too much life been
Or was it always meant to be this way, We're older and wiser and more ready today

It may never work and I need you to know, that I'm happy with just us if that's God's plan
But if this is possible and my last chance, then I know you are the perfect man
They'll all talk about us and say we're too old and crazy
But this is how I chose to tell you, I'd like to try to have your baby
A topic of much discussion lately in my home. Since he started reading my poetry on here, I thought this may be a unique way to tell him that I would like to go on this journey with him. That is, if he's game?
  Aug 2018 Leisa Battaglia
Edmund black
I abide
Of agony
I caress
The Aurora
Inspite of cloudburst
I show the globe
Stupendous adoration
Inspite Of distress
My heart
I have this fire
Burning in my soul
wasn’t born
For the cold
Who am I as a man  Still yet to  unearth..... I found love where it doesn’t belong!
  Aug 2018 Leisa Battaglia
Edmund black
Beautiful          piece

One        thing        I’ve        come        to
  Observed   A   Rose  flowering   Plant
Always    Grows  back     Stronger
Blossoms Evermore  Beautifully
Regardless How many
Times   It  has been
In Case  No One Told You Today.... You’re A Rose ... You’re Loved!
Leisa Battaglia Aug 2018
I watch you while you're sleeping
You don't even seem to know
I watch your chest rise and fall
First quickly, then oh so slow

My thoughts turn naughty quickly and I wonder how much it would take
As I rub my naked ******* against your chest, to ****** you awake

I start to touch you and hear you purr
Then I feel my own familiar warm stir

I turn my back to you and feel your
I reach behind me and with my hand, I stroke

You're awake now in every way
And you sense correctly that I want to play

I push back against you and guide you between my thighs
You rub against me and feel my heat and wetness and hear my sighs

You know I want you inside me, I can't wait
You decide to artfully tease me, prolonging our fate

I moan in protest, but your mouth covers mine
My breath is warm in that mouth as I beg you to take me from behind

You smile and take one ****** and start to softly bite
Then you're under the covers and out of sight

I feel your mouth on me licking, *******, tasting
You lap up every drop of me, never one for wasting

Then I feel your fingers expertly start to explore
Coupled with your mouth on me, it's more than I can endure

I'm quickly sent over the edge, my body shaking with pleasure
And then I feel your tongue inside me collecting all your treasure

Slowly I come back to reality as you slide your perfect nakedness back up to meet me
You kiss me long and hard and I taste myself on your lips and inside me is where I need you to be

You're pushing against my wet entrance and inside me you begin to slide
To the place that's silently screaming for you so very deep inside

You're so big and long that it takes a few strokes and a sharp intake of breath, before I can take you all in
The mixture of the pain your size causes and the pleasure of my sated desire, the very definition of sin

You entice and explore parts of me never touched before
I push up with my hips rhythmically, wanting and needing more

You growl and moan into my ear and I say breathlessly, "I am all yours"
Your movements increase with speed until you're pounding against my pelvic floor

This sends your body into a series of ****** convulsive jerks
And this is a feeling I can never resist, one that always works

As I feel your powerful release deep inside of me
My ****** meets yours pulling you in where you were meant to be

We collapse together, bodies intertwined, shaking and covered in sweat
We can't help but smile in exhausted happiness now, with all our desires met

Our breathing is ragged, your back marked with the red lines of my claw
I am throbbing and aching and I know that later I'll be sore and raw

None of this matters to us now as we drift off to sleep in a naked embrace
Because we both know we'll do it again even before our hearts return to their normal pace
  Aug 2018 Leisa Battaglia
TB Dentz
She's got art and power
And she's not afraid to show it off
All I've got is a few bad rhymes
Chilled to the bone by an internal scoff

She's a natural born creative
Confidence like a high class egomaniac
I'm an extraordinary type of average
And fragile like a budding lilac

Try to criticize her and she will deny you
Rebuke you, refute you, and defy you
Becoming stronger, harder and better
Nothing you can do will ever end her

Imply that I might somehow be inferior
I will run, hide, and be reduced to tears
Force me to face my greatest fear
Tell me I'm not good enough to be here

That is the difference between me and her
Leisa Battaglia Aug 2018
Every night I try in vain
To stop hearing your name
But you follow me from room to room
Filling my mind and heart with doom
I can't stop the thoughts as they come
Sleep eludes me even though I need some
You chose to leave me in the most final way
Memories will haunt me forever from that awful day
So, since it was your choice to leave and not mine
It would be great if you could give my mind some time
It needs to rest, to stop, to sleep
Please let tonight be the one I don't weep
Leisa Battaglia Aug 2018
I look for you everywhere.
Each one like you makes me stare.
It's like a little game I play.
I can't accept that you went away.
Are they hiding you to keep you safe?
I wish just once I could see your face.
I refuse to believe you would make that choice.
Especially when sometimes I can still hear your voice.

I dream of the day you walk through the door.
I promise to forgive and love you even more.
I won't ask any questions, this I swear.
I'll leave here and follow you anywhere.
Are you watching us from afar?
Was that you in the passing car?
Please stop this game you're playing with me.
Come back home where you're supposed to be.

Today I go to visit you.
Now pretending is hard to do.
The truth is something I must face.
As I walk through the others in this place.
The game must stop here where I cry all alone.
As I trace your name with my finger and kiss your headstone.
You're gone and never coming back.
No amount of pretending will change that fact.
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