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Kripi Nov 2015
That Girl who loves truly
That Girl who cares for him or anybody more than her own self
That Girl who is being positive but getting negative only

That Girl whose childhood was discriminating
That Girl whose teenage was a bad incident
That Girl whose adulthood is a nightmare

That Girl who is still hoping for the best after getting the worst
That Girl who is faking happiness after getting hurt
That Girl who hopes that she will be happy after getting cursed

That Girl is the one who tries her best but get nothing
That Girl is the one who behave childlike to show that she is happy
That Girl is the one who doesn't get value but still calls herself a princess

That Girl is mad for loving
That Girl is mad for giving
That Girl is mad for helping
But is cursed
I feel pity for That Girl
And That Girl is ME
  Nov 2015 Kripi
A Year ago, in the same date
As A Stranger I entered this beautiful Garden Hp
A Beautiful flower (Elsa) drags me with her pure heart
Wise words (from wolf, Sir Poet,Jack, etc.) kept me to know the life’s secret
Sweet buds (Smiriti, Aarvie,) enjoys me with their great writes
Love Birds (Brandon &jane;) echoes me their beautiful rhythms
My Beautiful Bros (ryn, Joe, pradip,spt, Mufiq) supports me and admires with their strong writes
My Sweet sisters (Donna, pax, nimah, Vicki) fills my heart with their pure poems
All my new friends (Eddie, patty, gray l, tropica, wepping willow, Mysterious , Jimmy, its gona make sense, packin heat ,Poetry journal,Dark n beautiful, Wilson, Rose, James, Margaux, Asim, etc) gave me beautiful space and spirits..
Being a part of this beautiful family, felt proud and happy. I take this day to thank all my family who supports me and hears me. My sincere thanks to all.(might missed someone. Thanks to them too.)
I miss many beutiful poets especially my aka (elsa)..
Sorry missed some important members who constantly support me
(Ignetious Hosina,Gutham,HB,Thomas A Robinson)
Kripi Oct 2015
Looking at the opposition we face,
We don't get it even a bit!
Surprised at how most of the world,
Treats the lovers as aliens!  
But we are happy being aliens,
Astonished they will be

Watching at their angry faces ,
We wonder what crime we have done!
Stunned we are ,
They call us mad
But we are happy being mad,
Astonished they will be

We will come to collaborate,
In every single stage of life,
They will see our love,
They will start believing in love,
And then too,

Astonished they will be!
A collaboration with my Drona...:-)
Kripi Oct 2015
From the nation of Greece
With a message of peace
I met a guy
Named  Elisavetio

He makes paintings
With the art in his eyes
And give writings
With the grace in his thoughts

He calls me sis
It's a lovely bliss

With all his pains
He lives courageously
But an accident happens
He gets head injury

I wish I was there
To take his care
But for now
I can do only prayer

Like all pains
It will also have gone
You are not alone

We are here
To pray for you
And you will be back
I have faith in you

Get well soon
The artist of Greece
You are having
The world's blessings

( Get Well Soon Bhaai )
A fellow poet Elisavetio is in a serious condition. He had an accident 4 days ago and having a brain injury...
He needs our blessings ...please pray for him
Kripi Sep 2015
I spend too much time thinking about
Who you are supposed to be
You are like the air I breathe
Oh what you have done to me

Your eyes and smile
The best they shine
Wait a while
They make me ask*
Will you be mine?
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