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I came up with most of these half asleep in the middle of the night, so they’re either cool or just really weird. I guess ...
F/tropical island    Splashes of expression to bring the depth of this moment into life. All copyrighted poems Shamamama
Roberta Day
30/F/Austin, Tx    I write my feelings because I'm unsure of everything else.
Rebecca Maxine
Eugene, OR    For months, I was (subconsciously) looking for the incentive to write-- I skimmed through old poems and stories I'd written, trying to identify with that ...
Tom McCone
Wellington    writes from dreams and sorrows, predominantly.;=PLJVQPU_oFOwuG6HEaoVOQenGicQScx1yw ^me
marie-niege|jaso bolay all we'll ever have are well planned out ideas.
Michigan    when people are free to do as they please; they usually imitate each other. "art is a lie that makes us realize the truth."
I am a writer of all types from dark to humour though it is my childrens poetry that has been turned into interactive books on ...

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