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Mar 29 · 997
full moon
kim Mar 29
but you only love the moon
when it's full and bright
and leave it with the stars
when it's gloomy and half,
like what you did to me
I guess you only love things just to break them.
Mar 27 · 34
kim Mar 27
feet on grounds,
the peace of the winds
how soil tickles my feet
I saw you and the trees
whispering me your name
but I decided to go back
at the sea, where you left me
Mar 25 · 160
still here
kim Mar 25
After a long time,
I found the courage to write again
but it was the same as before
I am still hurting,
just in a different way
Feb 11 · 154
new drinks
kim Feb 11
You were my favorite kind of coffee
the way your softness touches my skin
brings me different heat and I like it
but years had passed and I realized
Champagne suits me better
Feb 4 · 371
kim Feb 4
at muli nating sinambit ang mga salita
na matagal itinago sa likod ng mga mata
walang bilang tulad nang isa, dalawa
dahil ngayon ay malinaw na, ayoko na
ayoko na maging parte pa ulit ng buhay mo
Jan 27 · 60
kim Jan 27
I remember you the most
at four o’clock, in dreams
the one that’s far from reality
I like it though
Jan 17 · 55
take me back
kim Jan 17
I still see the ghost of us,
in the sidewalks and
places we used to go
I feel no butterflies
but agony
Jan 15 · 68
Midnight drive
kim Jan 15
drunk on thoughts and
you take a few turns,
whispering names
until you reached her
your home
I always wanted to be your destination but I knew you want her even in your midnights
Jan 13 · 439
another rain
kim Jan 13
I've seen different shades of skies in your eyes
tasted every sweets in your lips but
I never thought I'll hear
the words that will
make me deaf
Jan 11 · 308
kim Jan 11
your name still lingers
in my memories but
I only remember you
as someone who
let the ink spilled
and tear the papers
I've always treasure
Jan 6 · 45
kim Jan 6
And my lips no longer
craves to say your name
our memories passes by
like nothing important
but the pain is still there
in my heart, the scared
feeling it might repeat
Jan 4 · 43
kim Jan 4
I love how the words
played in my tongue
but I don’t mean it
every word I speak
like “I love you”
In a game called love, it’s either crying or feeling nothing
Jan 2 · 560
kim Jan 2
you brought me to the sky
We admire the stars at night
and love the sunlight at morning
but your clouds are suffocating me
so I let myself fall
Dec 2020 · 51
new year
kim Dec 2020
a perfect time to let go
even without new haircuts
just look at the sky
how the fireworks light
it was a sign,
this is a closing chapter
let yourself be happy this new year🥳
Dec 2020 · 60
kim Dec 2020
I refuse to look at the moon
no matter how pretty it is
Your memories will flow
like a strong waves in me
and make me believe
that someday,
we’ll burn like the stars
Dec 2020 · 45
kim Dec 2020
this feels wrong
I thought I died  
but there are butterflies,
keeps me up all night
saving me from drowning
this feels good
Dec 2020 · 59
last memory of you
kim Dec 2020
five-thirty at december
I felt the coldness of the wind
as I walk with you,
feels like I’m alone
love has gone cold
Dec 2020 · 54
kim Dec 2020
I never liked the mixture of
blue and orange at 3pm,
but if it’s with you,
I could give it a chance
Dec 2020 · 499
silent screams
kim Dec 2020
I was wondering
when I’m with you
I heard different voices
but it wasn’t from your mouth
and when I looked at you
it was in the eyes,
they’re screaming
Dec 2020 · 107
kim Dec 2020
but after all the love they gave,
I only want yours
the one that wrecked me
every time, every day
Dec 2020 · 107
kim Dec 2020
sa huling buwan ng taon,
nilingon kita, kahit wala ka
sa lugar ng ating tagpuan
sinilip ko ang natitirang emosyon
at pinalaya ito,
kasama ang mga alaala mo.
tapos na ang ating kabanata, marahil nga isa ka lang sakanila. Mga taong dumadaan para may matutunan.
Dec 2020 · 48
kim Dec 2020
I found you in a place
where the dull colors are
and make it my favorite
but after you left
I remember your everything
in every shade of blue
Dec 2020 · 43
how poets write
kim Dec 2020
your tears became
the ink of your art
while your heart
hurts the most
at midnight.
and we can't deny the fact that we write poems for those who shattered us.
Dec 2020 · 1.3k
autumn 🍂
kim Dec 2020
but darling,
you don’t need anyone
who read your poems
like a simple word
every time you write is a step to throw the excess baggage’s in your heart.
Dec 2020 · 82
kim Dec 2020
most of us are scarred
by knives we carved in our wrists
but I am different
for I bleed
by the words
I’ve always begged to hear.
I'd never though the sweetest words will be bitter when you said it.
Dec 2020 · 44
how I hurt you
kim Dec 2020
they say it was amazing
to fall in love with a writer,
for you’ll live forever,
with inks and papers
But I'm different from them,
I use my blood as an ink
and **** you in my pieces.
Nov 2020 · 72
kim Nov 2020
I lost everything
I’ve ever love
but as I walked
on my unchosen
I found me.
my dear peace, I won’t let them take you away from me again.
Nov 2020 · 44
kim Nov 2020
the love
that makes
you sleep
a heavy
Nov 2020 · 320
kim Nov 2020
but these scars are nothing,
I enjoyed all of them
every pain I felt
because it was from you
Nov 2020 · 66
kim Nov 2020
Despite the differences
of characteristics
and taste in music
we found ourselves
embracing each other,
wanting the same thing,
Nov 2020 · 342
Pagbitaw (to let go)
kim Nov 2020
at sa paglakad ko palayo,
kasabay nito'y pagbitaw sa kamay mo
hindi ko man mabanggit ang paalam
tanggapin mo itong huli kong liham

Minsan kitang natagpuan,
sa lugar ng mga nilisan
at nagbaka-sakali
na magiging tayo sa huli,
Oct 2020 · 44
little white lies
kim Oct 2020
I love you
No, I loved you
after those painful words
I stopped hoping and reading
our old conversations
but somehow, I missed those
late night talks and calls
those promises that are now
Oct 2020 · 82
kim Oct 2020
You were my home,
In your arms where I feel safe
but I was just your apartment
A place to go but never to stay
Oct 2020 · 157
kim Oct 2020
Before I realize
I am already drowned
in your words and action
as you put your hands
on my waist and made me
dance  in the middle
of my tears, tell me
how can I survive
in your waves of love?
Oct 2020 · 283
kim Oct 2020
at tila ba parang limitado ang mga salita
sa takot na masaktan muli ang isa’t isa
ngunit ikaw ‘yong tipo ng sakit
na kahit paulit-ulit,
patuloy kong tatanggapin
Oct 2020 · 80
kim Oct 2020
Fall in universe
drown in asteroids
in a milky way of thoughts
Oct 2020 · 316
kim Oct 2020
Hindi ka man mahilig sa tula
hayaan **** gawin kitang akda
‘pagkat dito dumadaloy ang mga salita
na minsang ipinarating ng mga mata
Oct 2020 · 247
kim Oct 2020
hindi ka ba nagtataka?,
kung paanong nabitawan ka nila
o kung minahal ka ba talaga
Oct 2020 · 65
kim Oct 2020
I hear the waves
crashing on the seashore
and despite of the strong wind
making my dress dance
I found myself
running to you
Oct 2020 · 47
pieces of you
kim Oct 2020
Break me again. So I can write a poetry of you and me. How you embrace me and break me at the same time.

— The End —