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 Apr 15 katie
Rhea Paul
Like the flower in my Maa's garden
which withered away, after all the love;
Maa wonders if she could have
Kept her alive a day or two longer.
And I think of you, if I could have
made you stay, with all my heart,
but you were one of those wildflowers
which died only a little more with love.
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 Apr 15 katie
some things will take some time to wean off
whereas others you will drop at will
and some things will take a lifetime of trying
a lifetime of desiring, of wanting, of needing.
 Apr 15 katie

If love had a name like god

many tongues so would speak

of your own,

what you carved out of stone

in the shape of a heart.

You transformed

what was broken apart

into ocean and skies

with one look from your eyes,

and one breath

from your lips gave me life.

If love had a name

on my tongue until death

it would call yours alone.

March 23, 2020
“Then love knew it was called love.
And when I lifted my eyes to your name,
suddenly your heart showed me my way”
― Pablo Neruda
 Apr 15 katie
 Apr 15 katie
I will remember
the song that my heart
played percussions to.

I will sing the words,
with no one else,
to a song made for two.
 Oct 2019 katie
guy scutellaro
we were poor
but not deluded

and when
van morrisson's
"brown eyed girl"
comes on the radio on
that worn
brown rug
my brother and I
started tapping our feet
shaking our heads
to the music and
our sisters are smiling
at us and
our mother is laughing
at us

and all we needed was
laughter and love
a prayer and a song

turn up the radio
 Oct 2019 katie
guy scutellaro
the average cost of a funeral is

death is unaffordable for me

put me in  big oblong cardboard box

2 feet by 3 feet by 6 feet

packing list enclosed

fragile (not really)
      please handle with care

keep upright



send me to the
grande vide

postage due
 Jan 2019 katie
never wanted to feel a thing
blunt my skin on the door frame
sink through my sheets

an open mouth for candescence
friends you lose touch with
acid and lost time
because it hurts to feel anything
so wear yourself detached
lose everyone
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