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Feb 2015
You know sometimes I think about if I'll ever find someone that loves how weird I am and respects me like you do, then I think about the fact your with someone and how that takes up sometime and I can't spend time with you as much as I want to, and if I found someone I'll have to give some of my attention to someone else then all I can think about is how I'd rather spend the rest of my life alone if it means I can give you all of my attention and care, and I'd happily be that guy that stands at the back of the room of your wedding drinking whiskey straight and the only reason I'm there is because I'd never miss seeing the happiest moment of your life and then I start to think about how you will never. Ever. understand how much I love you because I'd rather die alone then ever entertain the thought of losing you
Not so much a poem just needed somewher to express it
karma is dead
Written by
karma is dead  in a castle in the sky
(in a castle in the sky)   
   ---, Devon Webb and Mickayla M
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