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Karen Newell Sep 2014
Today I saw the scars
clawed across your arm.
The flesh so tender there,
and no longer innocent.
Did the blood letting
really relieve your pain?
I cast my eyes away.
All my words melt.
We let the silence
fall between us.
I am afraid
Karen Newell Sep 2014
Lay me on the page.
Where your romantic thoughts
soothe my soul.

Lay me on the page.
Let the words
from the bowl of your heart
curve around my mind
in that voice
so slow and sensual.

Lay me on the page.
Where I will wander
in your imagination.
Where reality will drop away
Karen Newell Sep 2014
You must have taken
A wrong turn!

My Temple is timeless.
Yes I have many ghosts, but
no cob webs grow in the corners.
Never ever any disrepair.
I am tending it always.
Perhaps you followed the wrong path
and were lost along the way.

There is a narrow inlet,
quite protected from the wind,
with steep staircase winding down
right onto the sand,
close by the ancient Sea.
My giant shell is tucked in here.
It might be hard for you to recognize.
Close your eyes......

The outside is worn and rugged
but inside is polished pink.
The cushions are arranged just so
as to watch the waves break.
Would you like to see my altar?
Each treasure has a story.

Keep looking.
I will light the fire.
Watch out for the smoke
Karen Newell Sep 2014
Back to the Barbershop,
where grown men
spill their Secrets.

Snippets of hair
fall to the floor
with tiny bits
of their
Karen Newell Sep 2014
You sat in the stern
minding the motor.
Bib overalls and ball cap
the Captains uniform.
Your sanctuary invaded
by invitation only.
Giggling girls
playing in the tackle box.
Stink bait loaded
we focused on bobbers.
Intently waiting
for the catch of the day.
Crappie, Blue Gill, Sun Perch,
Laughter, Compliments,
Our live well was full.
Karen Newell Sep 2014
I hung out
a bit
with those
Stylish Angels.
to their Wit
and their Woes.

They showed me around
their Haunted Hotel.
I heard some rumors
it was No-Tell
kind of place.
A Confessional.

I sat at the bar
and slammed back a few.
The Words on the
bathroom wall
told a Tale
or Two or

Those Stylish Angels
with silk
smoking jackets
and spats.
Do those dudes
really know
where it's at?

Or is it
only a Game...
Karen Newell Sep 2014
Have you been
riding the cosmic wave?
Soul surfing through the sky?
Looking for the answers
in one hundred billion galaxies?
So have I.
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