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Jul 2017 · 360
Kachi Sawagu Jul 2017
ito na yung mga panahon
na masasabi kong
"hindi ko na alam."

kasi sa totoo lang,
hindi ko na talaga alam.

masakit umasa
na magbabago ang tao
pero paglubog ng araw,
maririnig mo nalang ang iyong mga baho.

nakakasakal magmahal
sa mga taong hindi binabalik ang iyong mga damdamin
sawang-sawa na ako
lumutang sa paghihingalo

pagod na ako
hapong-hapo, sa totoo.
yun na lamang ang alam ko.
Nov 2015 · 400
Kachi Sawagu Nov 2015
I am a part of humanity
Waiting patiently for it to regain its sanity
That day may not come,
But my perspective is of some.

Madness made people hollow,
Pride became something you can't swallow.
Greed is in the air,
I've heard cries of despair.

Darkness filled the hearts of many,
Money as the one thing they want as plenty.
It's all for the fame,
They treat life like a game.

And there are those who stand
Holding hand in hand
Trying to remove the filth of this land
But some are just blown away like sand.

Corruption fills our lungs
Until we cannot sing songs
Of the things we want to see
Or of just wanting to be free.

I am a part of humanity
Trying to make us change
We can't stay the same
For destruction will surely come out way.
Sep 2015 · 362
Kachi Sawagu Sep 2015
when will this end?
I see my morals bend
when is the day
where I can run away?

oh the pain of my soul
these cries I can't control
you remind me of a witch
who's trying to curse and call me a snitch

what have I done to you,
to make you want me to look so blue?
why are you trying so hard,
to do anything to rip my heart apart?

I stand on this battleground
waiting for the truth to be found
by those you've deceived
and on that day I'll become relieved

don't expect me to cry
no I am not a small-fry
I may not be tall
but those who get hurt can be the strongest of all
there are so many things I can't handle and I'm sick of... but not today, not today.
Sep 2015 · 278
Kachi Sawagu Sep 2015
sometimes in life
it's those who are close to you that create strife
with words unkind
when someone's already messing up your mind

to think that they help
makes me yelp
but I no longer care
I'm tired of being there

I want to fly kites
for I'm sick of being nice
to watch them glide
and forget the tears I cried

a test of faith
reminds me this is more than the eighth
time that I swore
I can't take this anymore
Sep 2015 · 1.2k
Kachi Sawagu Sep 2015
My wings have been torn
Maybe ever since I've been born
For some reason why
Society doesn't want us to fly

Or maybe it's just us
Who holds ourselves back
We blame others
And think they keep us off track

In reality it's us
And it's all it ever was
What if we were made to soar
And not cry or let our blood drip on the floor

We're just too selfish to get the things that we want
No, you don't need to flaunt
And make others feel bad
Instead of happy, they're just sad

We're broken in pieces
Because we fell from the sky
Little did we know, our wings were growing for us to fly.
Here's to the people who feel what I feel, to those who think they can't soar.
Sep 2015 · 187
Kachi Sawagu Sep 2015
To be honest, I'm quite afraid
Maybe it's because I no longer see the light of day.
Who knew I've become so blind
With my mouth yet left to bind

We're all insensitive, they say
All that's left is for us to drown in a bay
Full of tears
Full of fears

I've been saying things I never wanted
All of them left me so haunted
But don't get me wrong
I let go of singing that hateful song

They say we're terminal
And it shows on the external
At the end of the day
We all have ugly things to say

We've stopped being beautiful
And turned ourselves dreadful
Up to the point where I can no longer appreciate
Up to the point where I want myself to asphyxiate

It hurts so bad
I feel like I'm turning mad
In this generation of negative things
All we feel is the plucking of our wings
Sep 2015 · 846
My Dear Imaginary Friend
Kachi Sawagu Sep 2015
in this heat
I was in for a treat
to remember the reason why
in some dreams I cry

to think I actually knew
that this sorrow was overdue
you had a debt you couldn't pay
so maybe that's why you couldn't stay

here's the thing
that gives me suffering
I miss you
but you weren't true

you were a figment of my imagination
you were my mind's little creation
the fact you were unreal
made me stand still

who knew I was like this
that a fictional character, I would miss
I felt so dense to the feelings of others
to the fact that I treated them like brothers

my mind to yours was attached
to you I was completely latched
to you I have so few memories
I hope you haven't forgotten me

my dear imaginary friend,
I hope you remember me until my end
Bingbong from Inside Out totally got my tears streaming down my face. His last words still tear me up until now.
Sep 2015 · 178
Kachi Sawagu Sep 2015
thank you to science
That made me know why the sky is blue
But until now
I still don't know why i can't say
That i miss you
Sep 2015 · 166
Kachi Sawagu Sep 2015
I'm so sick of you
and all the things you say and do
you think you know better than me
when you want my life to be a tragedy

how were you to feel
if you find out the friendships you have aren't real?
and say that they loathe you,
that you're in a group you never belonged to?

oh, what a bother,
go look for another
you think you sit on a throne
when you're just a silly dog barking at a lamp post

never think that it's you
everyone looks up to
but here's the reality
you'll never shatter me

but instead I'll bring into your life great insanity
I'm finally back of Hello Poetry! so here's a poem I wrote in class.
Aug 2015 · 188
Kachi Sawagu Aug 2015
I wish you'd come back
And see the things that have changed
Just like the seasons
I honestly don't know what to say
Aug 2015 · 376
Refracted memory
Kachi Sawagu Aug 2015
Without light there is no darkness
Without darkness there is no light
One cannot exist without the other
To balance our lives with one another

Maybe I am the light
And you are the dark
We need each other
Like sister and brother

But alas the time has come
You have found one more
Of your own kind
And have forgotten about me

They say light travels slower in water
And you have traveled farther
Down to the bottom of the sea
Where I can hardly even reach

You're now so far away
Where you can't see the day
Perhaps when I have found you
All I am is a refracted memory
Aug 2015 · 213
Kachi Sawagu Aug 2015
maybe it's just me
who grew numb to the word "sorry"
which was repeatedly said to me
so many times it's lost its meaning

maybe it's just me
who's having a hard time to forgive
when my patience is broken
my feelings are shattered

it's weird that I don't know
I feel my eyes as they dampen
why do I let these things happen?
I have yet to find an answer

part of me says to stay away
how much does this hurt weigh?
so much pain in one day
but a meaningless sorry can't make it okay
Nowadays, we take advantage of the word"sorry", that it's left with no meaning at all.
Aug 2015 · 596
Kachi Sawagu Aug 2015
maybe I don't understand
the things that are at hand
but what is your goal?
your personality's as black as coal

I felt it in my gut
that this whole thing was going to rot
you left me standing there
in a place I couldn't bear

but who am I to judge
we're not in a court of justice
I don't have a gavel to declare you guilty
to prove to others such false humility

maybe God is just testing my patience
making me remember all of His faithfulness
my sufferings are yet to end
but my scars remained for God to mend
Another poem, another feeling. Oh how I love letting these things out.
Aug 2015 · 151
Kachi Sawagu Aug 2015
what just happened here
you used to be so near
I thought you were my friend
but all you wanted was for me to end

how would I know
when you used sticks and stones
that never broke my bones
but you still wanted to hurt me

all you wanted was to fight
because you thought you were always right
seeing me standing tall
you wanted to make my self-esteem fall

but hey, it's okay
know that I don't really care
you proved yourself to me
that you really aren't worthy
If you know me in real life, don't assume who this is, please? Don't assume if you don't know.

— The End —