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Sep 2015
in this heat
I was in for a treat
to remember the reason why
in some dreams I cry

to think I actually knew
that this sorrow was overdue
you had a debt you couldn't pay
so maybe that's why you couldn't stay

here's the thing
that gives me suffering
I miss you
but you weren't true

you were a figment of my imagination
you were my mind's little creation
the fact you were unreal
made me stand still

who knew I was like this
that a fictional character, I would miss
I felt so dense to the feelings of others
to the fact that I treated them like brothers

my mind to yours was attached
to you I was completely latched
to you I have so few memories
I hope you haven't forgotten me

my dear imaginary friend,
I hope you remember me until my end
Bingbong from Inside Out totally got my tears streaming down my face. His last words still tear me up until now.
Kachi Sawagu
Written by
Kachi Sawagu  Philippines
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