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Sometimes I don't know what to do
when it comes to you
because I know
you don't like telling the truth
I want you to trust me
and just tell me what you want to talk about
It's the only way
I know how to make your day
Or if you don't want to
maybe we could just sway
to the song I've put on replay

You've done more than enough to brighten up mine
I'd also like to be the reason of your widest genuine smile
and get rid of your horrible painful thoughts that are in a pile
I'll come to your soul's darkest part
and shine
i saw a beautiful star in the night sky.

while staring at it from a far distance
under the moonlight,
i was mesmerised by its luster,
inspired by the light it gave.

as i got closer and closer,
i fell in love with the pulchritude
of its flaming infernos.

as the distance between us slowly started diminishing,
i stood there still smiling,
*"someday, you'll be the death of me"
perhaps i was too blinded by its bright blaze to realize this sooner
 Aug 2015 Kachi Sawagu
Sometimes you just feel lost in this world
****** into darkness where one day the light that brings hope will be gone
But one day will come that there will be someone to light the way
You thought that
Whoever that is will heal your scars
Will wipe  your tears
Will kiss you gently
Will hug you tight
Someone who you thought would stay
But you were wrong
You were wrong turning to the avenue of shattered hearts I will not sugarcoat it though
One day you'll get your heart broken and after that day you'll get your heart broken again
Because you kept on turning to wrong avenues where you'll get lost what matters most is you find your way back to your happy ending.
I thought your name was Oblivion
*How come you're no where near there when it comes to her?
I know for sure that i'm just sleep deprived but yours is a different case... I know you're trying to question me as well but yours is different. Try hiding it yet I could still see it clearly...

— The End —