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1.6k · Sep 2018
I Know He's Yours
JCabanilla Sep 2018
Sweet talks,
Late night walks,
Childish pokes,
and my heart got broke.

He destroyed my zone,
And now I'm all alone.
I know it was just a game,
but I played so lame.

He's a pro gamer,
and I, I'm just a beginner.
We played feelings for fun,
but I end up thinking how to run.

I thought I can win this time,
but my heart refuses to rhyme.
I'm aware about the ending,
and fear is a word to describe my feelings.

The game lasted for three days,
the ending didn't change.
He won, I lost.
I'm sure for him I never had any cost.

He kissed my forehead down to my chicks,
but I stopped him before he touch my lips.
I can't give up my first kiss,
for someone that I'm going to miss.

This is not a story of a Princess,
it's not appropriate to seal it up with an ending kiss.
For he was never mine,
because we just played for fun.
Dedicated for those who played a game with someone who's in relationship already.
892 · Dec 2018
I Won't Love In A Game
JCabanilla Dec 2018
LOL is different from Lol,
LOL is League Of Legends and Lol is Laugh out loud.
ROS is different from Ros,
ROS is Rules Of Survival and Ros is my Rules of Saving (You).

ML is different from Ml,
ML is Mobile Legend and Ml is My love for you.
But Online Games are not so different from Me,
Online Games are the things you play and Me is a piece you also played.
865 · Jun 22
Day 5
JCabanilla Jun 22
Dance with the sunrise,
Talk to the blue sky.
Put your sweetest smile on your face,
So you can start another great day.
Day 5 guys!! June 22, 2020๐Ÿ˜ So I'll be posting here form now on since I'm writing everyday hahaha
621 · Jun 22
Day 1
JCabanilla Jun 22
The sky is Blue,
But don't feel like that too.
The tree is green,
So put a wide smile they have never seen.

The starry night look surreal.
The stars looks so close and real.
The cold breeze of the night feels like a stream.
Before the night ends I wish you a sweet dreams.
So here's a poem I've been writing for someone. I've been writing poem for him everyday to make a little effort for him since we're far away from each other due to the pandemic happening here in the Philippines ๐Ÿ™ so yeah it may sound cringey but I'll still do it. I started writing him a poem on June 18,2020 so this poem is Day 1 I sometimes give 2 poems per day. For a Good morning message and for a good night message
592 · Sep 2018
Jaded to Live
JCabanilla Sep 2018
Umbra were my acquaintance.
Rehabilitating was never been on my plan.
Daftness was there to give me a chance,
Iciness was the best attitude that Iโ€™ve done.

Elysian was ready to hug me, yet;
Lucifer got one of my feet.
Acting that I never been felt any sick,
Catching my breath, Iโ€™m waiting for someone to save me by their trick.

Aching heart has been pushing and calling me,
Beckon me to end everything in order to be free.
Aspiring to turn myself as a beautiful literary piece in deep blue sea,
Notifying that Iโ€™ll never see how badly was reality.

In the end Iโ€™m all alone,
Listening when will I ever fall and be thrown.
Lachrymose face is my perfect pattern,
And no one seems to bother how they left my heart broken.
453 · Jun 22
Day 2
JCabanilla Jun 22
The day is looking great,
So start your day with a smile away from hate.
The wind says don't forget to feel him,
He wishes you a day full of glim.

A dreamy night would be nice,
When you close your eyes I wish you paradise.
I pray God not to give you nightmares,
So you can sleep well because you're in God's care.
Day 2 Guys! A poem for him again. June 19, 2020. Oh btw he sometimes answer my poem ๐Ÿ˜… he even made a sweet poem for me. I don't know if I should post it here but let me know if you want to read the poem he made for me hahahha
427 · Jun 21
The Dreamer's Dream
JCabanilla Jun 21
Dreams I have seen in my head,
What a useful bed-
Making me undead.
What do you do to escape reality?
The protagonist wanted to have a fictional life, don't ever want to wake up in the cruel life he had. So dreaming was his/her only escape since sleeping was a temporary death.
Written by: JCabanilla
377 · Jun 22
Day 4
JCabanilla Jun 22
May your day be good just like today's morning.
Don't forget to relax and have a good feeling.
May your paperworks turned out fine,
And may you and your team remain in the top line.
Day 4! June 21,2020. He says sending him a poem everyday is not irritating and he likes and appreciate my efforts โฃ๏ธ oh I don't send a poem for a Goodnight part anymore since I'm still overthinking that he might get so irritated
373 · Jun 22
Day 3
JCabanilla Jun 22
The sun gives a radiant that is sweet,
But you have a smile that can beat it.
Have a happy time today,
And may your stress be blown away.
Day 3! June 20, 2020. We fought on this day so no poem for good night part ๐Ÿ˜‚ but we're already cool. We talked about it and we're doing fine. So the sweet poem he made for me I answered it by making a poem too of course. He's effort was appreciated since he's not a writer like me. I'll be posting my poem that is answering his poem but his poem I don't know if I should or I will post it here.
367 · Jun 21
Unforgotten Promise
JCabanilla Jun 21
You promised to stay,
Woke up not feeling okay.
You left far away.
It's a promise between lovers. The protagonist cannot forget the promise they made tho the promise is already broken and he/she was already left alone.
263 · Jun 23
Day 7
JCabanilla Jun 23
Your talents and intelligent was a treasure.
You were a great artist even if you weren't sure.
You are a beautiful gift given by the heaven,
So put a smile that will struck a maiden.
Day 7!! June 24, 2020. He made something for me and he still feel like he wasn't good enough so I want to cheer him up by this poem.
257 · Nov 2017
The Cold Night
JCabanilla Nov 2017
She like to meet the guy,
that will sit beside her till they die.
The one who will cherish her loneliness,
and change those feelings into happiness.

The guy who will never leave her aside,
and will clean his soul by her side.
Promise he will be her knight,
to lessen the feelings of fright.

She's a princess.
Having a prince in chapter six.
He will save her if she stocked in the tree.
To leave the sadness and leave happily.

Thinking in reality we don't get happy ending.
Sometimes our story lasts with crying.
Cause were crazy and still loving,
the man we think our prince charming.

We must end this stupid thing.
Stop and sleep tight in night,
don't think that fright in your sight.
Sleep under the cold night and live by your own light.
Words by: Jc
1st Poetry
222 · Nov 2019
I'm Incomplete
JCabanilla Nov 2019
You painted blue in my eyes.
You made a meal of lies,
I've made so many tries,
to make myself clear to your eyes.

Loyal is different from faithful;
Loyal is like saying to every girl that they are beautiful.
Faithful is like saying only to me that I am beautiful.
It's okay if you're loyal, but I want you to be faithful.

I'll accept who you truly are,
but understand that I've been hurt before.
I'll accept if you'll smile to others.
but love me forever.

Be mine,
and I'm all yours forever.
I'll take the risk to fall in line,
Cause' with you I know I'm happier.
Why does some man don't know how to be faithful? It made feel real bad.

#BeFaithful #CheatingIsAChoice #Cheats #Love #Heartbreak #Loyalty #LovingOnlyOne
220 · Jun 29
Day 12
JCabanilla Jun 29
Wolves stay with their packs.
Penguins travel together.
Humans give their love.
Day 12! June 29, 2020
Animals is just like humans ๐Ÿ˜Š I love him, I want to travel beside him and I want to stay with him.
215 · Nov 2017
JCabanilla Nov 2017
I don't have a clue,
that I'm falling for you.
I never knew,
that I'll be stuck waiting for you.

I never thought,
it will come this far.
Far enough,
to wish to die with you in a war.

Loving you is never been so easy.
You're so sweet with her but not with me.
You catch her and fall with her.
You leave me and let me fall alone.

Cute love story,
but it's not about you and me.
One sided love?
Yeah it happens all the time.

Perfect night and late night talks.
Perfect smile and eyes full of love.
Perfect reason to fight but I chose to walk.
Perfect miles to walk cause I chose to go.
Words by: Jc
27th Poetry
186 · Jun 26
Day 9
JCabanilla Jun 26
The day is so sweet.
The birds sings their tweets.
You and God's blessings may meet.
A Haiku for a change! Day 9 ๐Ÿค—
159 · Sep 2018
Making The Pieces
JCabanilla Sep 2018
Time has been ticking,
Hearts kept on beating.
People can't stop loving,
with Cupid's arrow they are falling.

Cupid is up to something,
He's making the pieces of our feelings.
Collecting the jar of heart from every human being,
pairs of heart that completes the red string.

Cupid wont let us down,
He will never take a shot that will make us frown.
Take the crown,
and love till dawn.
Just a scrap from my mind, it was not written correctly.
156 · Aug 2018
A Computerized Love Letter
JCabanilla Aug 2018
Here I am breaking the words I cannot say,
Standing here smiling like an idiot.
Scrolling my phone to choose the best song for today,
a song that would definitely go straight to your heart.

We met unexpectedly,
it was the right timing but we're in the wrong place.
We met when my heart got broken and yours that felt loneliness,
but we met behind the world of screen.

We got close impressively,
For starters I showed the real me that quick.
I told you what I can't, want, need and wishes to do.
I asked myself, why do I need to be me for you?

Surprisingly we bond a little longer,
I didn't stop same with you.
You begun to tell your secrets, you begun trusting me.
And I begun to be afraid.

That night when you decided to trust me I cried, a lot.
Knowing your secret I thought it would hurt me a lot
That your secret would left me so bad.
And your secret is the reason why I cried.

You didn't know that my sobs were meant for you.
You didn't know because you never had the chance.
So I kept it as a secret, I wrote down a piece because of it.
I wrote down with my hands 'cause I can't take the pain away.

Is this even possible?
Loving you and I can keep it as a secret.
Is this even true?
I love you and I kept it in silence.

What is love?
Love is something you must risk it all.
Love is something that will push you to give your all.
Love is something scary to feel.

I'm scared that I felt it for the first time,
I'm even terrified to know that I felt it for you.
Isn't scary? I love you yet I can't take the risk.
Isn't terrifying? I accepted the fact that I fell for you yet I must not give my all

This is suppose to be a love letter,
but in different version.
This is a computerize love letter,
in different form and can't be sent directly to the owner.

Do you know who's the owner of this love letter?
To be precise do you know who's the person I love?
Do you know to whom I will send this?
You can't take a guess, because this letter can't be shared secretly.

I will share this to the world,
I love you and they need to know it.
I won't tell to anyone who's the unlucky guy.
I love you and you will never know that it was you.

The Possibilities that kept on popping on my mind;
Possibility that you might love me back,
Possibility that you might hate me instead,
and possibility that I might get my heart broken again.

I need to stop falling.
I must pretend not knowing him.
I shouldn't keep on believing,
I can see clearly that he's just a dream.
words by: Jc
150 · Jun 28
Day 11
JCabanilla Jun 28
Inhale the blue sky,
Exhale lot of star.
Continue reaching high top.
Day 11!!! June 28,2020
Never stop yourself reaching for your goals, for the top.
126 · Feb 2
Summer's Storm
JCabanilla Feb 2
Eyes that reflected all the colors of blue,
And lips that never utters the truth.
Ears that is tired of listening with all of the request and lies,
and a million pieces of heart because of heartbreaks and cries.

She's always been the se cond choice,
She's tired of being always the bridge, for being always Eros' substitute.
She's been the one call away friend in a one sided friendship,
and now she can't keep the act as happy go lucky girl in front of the public.

She have the rainbow in her smile,
but there's a swelling storm in her eyes.
She have the brightest morning in her laugh,
but there's a depths of despair inside her mind.

She love him for the first time,
She never knew she'd be falling to deep.
She laid her eyes only to him,
She never knew it was hard to look away.

He is the reason of her smiles,
He is the reason why she listened to all the lies.
He is the reason of her every night cries,
He is the reason why she lost without giving a fight.

She have loved her for a short moment of time,
He have made her heart beats out of rhyme.
She made a great mistake of confessing,
He have made a decision that he doesn't have any feelings.

She was summer and she met her storm,
He was the storm and destroyed the summer.
She was the sun and she met her moon,
He was the moon and gave cold response to the sun.

She wanted to scream,
She wanted to tell that her world was so dim.
She wanted to say,
I don't want to be just your friend to call away.
Written by: EtrypoRevol
123 · Jun 25
Day 8
JCabanilla Jun 25
Breathe the fresh air breeze.
Don't let the cold morning make you freeze.
Smiling will always be your way,
To make your great and peaceful day.
Day 8!!! ๐Ÿ’ž June 25,2020
120 · Jun 22
Chibi's Answer
JCabanilla Jun 22
Miracle happened not only once but twice,
He let us meet again after so many tries.
Meeting you again brought me into tears,
Thoughts of losing you make me shiver in fear.

I am moved by your sweetness.
I am mesmerized by your kindness.
Do I deserve someone like you?
Am I worthy of having you?

I want to be better,
But you said me being weak doesn't really matter.
Unintentionally you became my knight,
You came and you lessen my fright.

If my words is your energy,
I'll give it to you wholeheartedly.
If my words are enough for you,
Then it's all yours, it will always be true.

You're the guy who deserve every praises.
You are worthy of all those respectful gazes.
You were the gift not me,
You were created perfectly.

How can you hit my heart so effortless?
How can you do nothing and still look your best?
How can you put a smile in my face that easy?
How can your words makes me feel so free?

Boy, unintended you fixed my heart.
My pieces were empty until you became my art.
It may sound crazy and lame,
But you inspired me the moment that you came.

I don't care about their compliments,
Your compliment is enough to leave it permanent.
You're nice, sweet, hardworking and a workaholic guy,
And so I wish never lose your smile.

Can I take your words seriously?
I will never let you go free.
I don't want to see you feeling blue,
So yes, I'm willing and I'll be happy to take you.
So this is my poem answering his poem for me โฃ๏ธ Chibi is his nickname for me since he's taller than me and he says I'm cute and small just like a Chibi in anime ๐Ÿ˜ฃ
116 · Jun 29
Day 13
JCabanilla Jun 29
As time gets older,
Things change and adapts.
It's no need to change yourself.
Day 13!! June 30, 2020
Things keeps on changing, the only that we shouldn't change is ourselves. Never change how you love, how you strive to reach your goals and how you widen your mind to build a unique and wonderful dreams
114 · Nov 2017
Say Sorry
JCabanilla Nov 2017
I just want to be friends with you.
Do you feel the same way too?
One day you approach me.
I rub my eye if it was really you coming to me.

I thought it was just a dreams for me,
so I expected tomorrow you'll ignore me completely.
But our path meet again I feel like I'm insane,
You shout your name so I can recall you again.

Day past we became good friends.
Thank you for everything my friend.
You are my brother,
and I am your sister.

But I made a huge mistake,
and now I feel so sick.
I want to say sorry for everything,
forgive me about this thing.

I can't blame you for ignoring.
I'm crying hardly and suffering.
I really regret everything.
Brother, I'm still hoping.

I'm desperate for your forgiveness.
I feel so empty because of my sadness.
I can feel sorrow in my head,
to the point that I feel like I'm dead.

I feel lame,
I can't make you tame.
Save me from this pain,
Be part of my life again
Words by: Jc
2nd Poetry
112 · Jun 22
Day 6
JCabanilla Jun 22
You twinkle when you're being you.
Be unique and different it will be a great view.
Don't start your day without your smile,
Because wearing it is like having your own style.
Day 6!!! June 23,2020
102 · Jul 13
Day 27
JCabanilla Jul 13
If the door's open,
I'll lock it up and throw away the key.
I don't want to leave nor take a rest,
I refuse to move on.
JCabanilla Jul 2018
I've dreamed of me holding someone's hand,
Someone who I don't recognize his face when I wake up.
I grow up with my mom on my right side,
and envy and jealousy with other children in my left side.

Every night the same dream invaded my mind,
Every morning I will try to remember his face but couldn't.
Every weekdays I found myself asking why is my family different,
Every weekends I will wake my mom early asking why does our family is incomplete.

Monday morning my mother's face looks different,
Her smile changed from sweet to vibrant.
Tuesday noon an unfamiliar man stand beside her,
With a mixed emotion type of smile full of sadness, happiness and excitement.

Wednesday night I caught the stranger crying with my mom,
I don't understand why but they're both smiling while crying.
Thursday midnight I was shocked that I have a dad,
I was furious that all this time I have a complete family but never felt it.

Friday dawn, I decided to leave our home.
I decided to hate my father for leaving me behind.
I blame him because I was bullied and was called an illegitimate child.
Still, I'm longing for him to call me "my son"

Saturday came and night is near,
I close my eyes and let the nightmare in.
Nightmare didn't came, a man stand beside me holding my hand,
I looked who it was and it strike me it was him all this time.

Sunday I came home running to my fullest to reach our house as fast as I could,
There he was hugging my mom whose crying right now.
Tears are starting to grow from my eyes,
I stop running to catch my breath and said "Thank God for the blessing you made".

"Mother!" I called, they both looked at me.
Their fears dissapeared and relief cave in.
I walk straight closing our gaps to each other,
"I'm sorry" I hug my mom and looked to the man "I missed you and I love you, Father"
Words by: Jc
Dedicated to my father who works really hard for me
101 · Nov 2017
Perfect Choice
JCabanilla Nov 2017
He was a boy,
She was a girl.
He likes toy,
She loves flower.

He likes black,
She's in to white.
He gave her luck,
She gave him light.

She is free,
He is happy.
She's so pretty,
He's so lucky.

It may seem so different,
She's the reason why he beam.
He has her parent consent,
and she fall in love with him.

Perfect choice,
Perfect partner.
Perfect voice,
Perfect lover.

Forever is a long way,
Never take the shortcut to go away.
Tomorrow is not enough,
Love each other like your better half.
Words by: Jc
23rd Poetry
100 · Nov 2017
She's Not a Toy
JCabanilla Nov 2017
A toy is something you will play at,
Something you will call a past time,
Something you will enjoy to have at.
They have a toy and this is her life.

A boy ask what it feels like,
A girl tried to look deeper.
Someone smiled at her,
They tried to save her....

Brokenhearted? Talk to her.
Bored? Chat her.
Need a past time? Go to her.
Need someone? It's not her.

She's not a toy.
She's not someone you will play at
She's not someone you will call to have a past time.
She's not a toy to enjoy at.

No one asked what it feels like.
Nobody looked deeper.
No one tried to smile at her.
They all tried to save her, but failed.

She's not a toy.
Don't talk to her for the reason that you are blue.
Don't chat her for the reason that you are bored.
Never go to her for the reason you want to have a past time.

She's not perfect.
Sarcasm and insults affect her all the time.
She's full of words,
But it will all go wrong if she said "I'm not a toy"
Words by: Jc
26th Poetry
98 · Jun 21
Useless Wish
JCabanilla Jun 21
You're not in heaven
My wish every eleven. (11:00)
Will always in vain.
The protagonist doesn't believe that her mom is already in heaven because every little piece of her wish doesn't come true all he/she ever wanted was her mom to be back or to see her one last time.
98 · Jan 2018
JCabanilla Jan 2018
Mirror mirror on the wall;
Let them here the truth before you fall.
Who's the most different of them all?
"You my friend, and you're not great at all"
98 · Mar 2018
I'm Quitting
JCabanilla Mar 2018
Here we go again,
tears are falling like rain.
Life is now being insane,
and every part of my heart feels every pain.

Dying isn't my goal,
but now I'm thinking if I should fall.
Life is so unfair,
I'm now quiting in every dare.

I can do anything,
but don't push me with everything,
I'm not a toy nor a thing,
I'm alive and I can feel any pain like a human being.

I can fall easily,
I can quit,
I can **** myself,
if that's what you want me to do.

I can hang myself,
I can stab my heart,
I can easily drink a poison,
or even drowned myself in a tub.

I can begged for my life,
I can surrender my own life,
I can trash my effing life,
I can do every wrong if that's what you want.

Can't you see?
I can't think straight,
I can't fight,
I can't even stand.

I'm quitting,
You can now live happily,
you don't have to worry about me,
I'm happy to know that you are happy seing me dying.

I quit!
#Depression #NoToSuicide #NoToQuitting
97 · Jan 2018
"14 Reasons Why"
JCabanilla Jan 2018
I know a place where happy ending always do come true.
Narnia? I don't think so,
Hogwarts? my answer is still no,
Disney land? I love to say no.

I'm not Snow White,
that if I eat a poison apple you will come and kiss me.
I'm not Cinderella,
that if I left my slipper you'll search to find me.

I'm not Aurora,
that if I pricked my finger in a spinning wheel you'll give me a true love's kiss.
I'm not Ariel,
that if you found out about me being a mermaid you'll accept me with my fins.

I'm not Belle,
even if I'm the most beautiful in town you're still not my Beast.
I'm not Jasmin,
even if you have the lamp I'm still not the one who you want to wish.

I'm not Pocahontas,
it will be hard for me to paint the color of the wind.
I'm not Mulan,
it will take me hundreds of year to follow my own heart beat.

I'm not Tiana,
but I know my dreams will not be completed without you.
I'm not Rapunzel,
but if I can I will treat your broken heart so you can love again.

I'm not Merida,
I can't shoot any arrows but you came straight to my heart.
I'm not Anna,
I can't travel in a cold just like her but I can endure the coldness living in your part.

I'm not Elsa,
I don't have any super powers but I have a fear, a fear that you will leave me.
I'm not Moana,
I don't think that the ocean will choose me but I decided to chose you.

I'm not a Disney Princess,
but I want to live in Disney land.
I'm not as good as they are,
but I still want to stay for a while.

I'm a lost girl from wonderland,
I'm a lost girl who wants to live in disney land,
I'm a lost girl who loves to be a princess,
I'm a lost girl who chose you to be my prince but you disagree.

I'm not a princess,
you're not my prince.
without having our once upon a time,
I got my own first tragic smile.
Words by: Jc
Dedicated to: BLM
97 · Jan 2018
I'm Wrong when I'm Right
JCabanilla Jan 2018
I know I'm not alone,
but my voice are out of tone.
I'm fragile they will break my bone,
I look in the mirror and wished "can you help me to reborn?"

I feel so useless,
but I'm doing my best.
Is this some kind of a test?
cause it all gave to me was just a stress.

I can't lead great,
everytime I try I always failed.
Is this now my faith?
I know I am a leader to rate.

I'm wrong when I'm right.
They wish I'm out of sight.
Can I ask why my life isn't so bright?
I'm begging someone to help me fight.

If doing right is wrong,
then I can't come along.
This poem can make a sad but beautiful song.
For now I will stay to do the "right" thing which is "wrong".
Words by: Jc
96 · Jan 2018
Nature of Love
JCabanilla Jan 2018
The flowers sway as the wind blows,
The leaves fall in the river as it flows.
My feelings for you is like the river it keeps on flowing;
but like the wind it blows in the flower slowly fading.

The birds sang a beautiful song,
The tree danced as the leaves fall.
I've been waiting for you for so long,
but like the leaves you let all my hope fall.

The silky white clouds look so happy,
as the sun embrace it heat through there body.
I want that feeling I want your heat to embrace me,
but its like dreaming to fly, we will never happen and you will never be mine
Words by: Jc
95 · Jan 2018
Wish Upon 9 Stars
JCabanilla Jan 2018
Nightmares are on the run.
Dying now wasn't my plan.
I have nine nights to wish upon,
and nine stars to count in my glance.

My first night was completely fine,
second night is totally divine,
third night I saw one star fall down in my sight,
fourth night I look above and let my hand wish it can hold them tight.

Nightmares are slowly fading,
screams turned into a phantasm.
Dreams are slowly caving in,
Tears turned into a beam.

My fifth night was peaceful,
sixth night every stars look so colorful,
seventh night I'm falling down with a star,
eighth night I fall and it gave me a tragic scar.

Nightmares are now competing in a run.
I have to die soon the way you plan.
I wish upon nine nights,
and count nine stars to gain my bright.

My ninth night are being conceited ,
screams of my nightmare remain undefeated,
tears of my blood is on my thread,
I'm lifeless and now I do feel I'm dead.
Words by: Jc
94 · Nov 2017
Eros' Sweet Substitue
JCabanilla Nov 2017
Love is about being real.
Love is about being happy.
Love is about how you feel.
Love is about you being free.

She's not popular.
She's not even beautiful.
Her dreams are so far,
and she live like a tool.

She's there when they fall.
They knew her when they need a call.
She's not worth to take a role.
She is way too different at all.

Her friends are so cool.
She's nothing but a fool,
Her responsibility is to make a happy soul.
Her friends always get the leading role.

She's Eros' sweet substitute.
Guys call her to ask "why your friend is so cute?".
She's a bridge that every guy could ask for.
Because with her, love is getting colorful.

She take the responsibility all alone.
She want to strike her arrow in a stone,
cause all she's been doing is to give.
Now she's not happy the way she live.
Words by: Jc
22nd Poetry
94 · Nov 2017
23:11 Wish
JCabanilla Nov 2017
23:11 Wish
He is my old foe.
Always leave me in throes.
He is just my raven.
He is not for heaven.

Tremendous I might say.
Lustrous slays me everyday.
Uses the lenient way,
too good to obey.

Time is my old foe.
Time leaves me in throes.
Time is just my raven.
Time is not for heaven.

23:11 wish is in line.
Repeat it three times.
Time never made me fine.
Time wasted mine.

23:11 wish was been mine.
11:11 wish will be pulverize.
23:11 wish is in my sight.
11:11 wish is out sight.

23:11 won't last.
23:11 had passed
23:11 is full of dust
Time won't have my trust.

I love time before,
however he never made a score.
I love him everytime,
but time never made him mine.
Words by: Jc
25th Poetry
92 · Oct 2018
One Of My Dreams
JCabanilla Oct 2018
I'm good at writing,
I'm good at story telling,
I'm good at words to divert your feelings,
I'm good at paper and pen holding.

I can turn the pen into a beautiful word,
I can turn the paper into a perfect world,
I can make the ink into a piece,
I can make the rhyme that will never miss.

I can write something about you without any rant,
I can tell your story if that's whatย ย you want,
I can play the words that is hard to pronounce,
I can make you smile if writing will be my chance.

How good can I be if you can't understand why I write?
How good can I be if you're not telling me if my story is right?
How can I flatter you with my words if I can't feel your emotions?
How can I hold a paper and a pen if there's a caution?

You're my pen in my every word,
You're my paper in my perfect little world,
You make the ink so I can make a piece,
You create the rhyme that I always miss.

But lately, I keep on messing up,
I keep on thinking to give up.
Lately I stop on dreaming,
and started to wish about something

Is it wrong for me to wish something?
Like can I be the subject to inspire you in writing?
or can you try to write me a story?
or can you create a piece about me?

One of my dreams is to see you;
Try, to make me smile by creating a piece full of words.
Try to make me smile by writing a rhyme saying I'm your world.
and try to make me smile by telling our story by breaking my words' record.
Words by: JCabanilla
91 · Sep 2018
Never Choose Me
JCabanilla Sep 2018
Never choose me,
for I am a girl who eats a lot of dish.
Never choose me,
for I am a girl who act so childish.

Never choose me,
for I am a girl who cries for small things.
Never choose me,
for I am a girl that is too annoying.

Never choose me,
because I am a girl who laughs so loud.
Never choose me,
Because i am the kind of girl that can't make u proud.

Don't love me,
for I have my own battle scar.
Don't love me,
for I have my own flaws.

Don't love me,
for I have my own mind.
Don't love me,
for I have my own pride.

Don't love me,
because I'm not always correct.
Don't love me,
because I will never be perfect.

If you're not ready,
the door is open free.
If you're not interested,
don't talk to me instead.

If you can't,
don't make a stand.
If you just want to try,
you're just making a lie.

and if you're not serious,
don't be so flirtatious.
and if you can't accept me,
you can go home early.

If you really cant accept me,
then never choose me.
If you really hate the real me,
then don't love me.
90 · May 2018
A Tear for a Fear
JCabanilla May 2018
One, two and three. I counted my tears,
as the idea become so clear.
Four, five and six. I counted my heart beat,
as my fear grows to hold my feet.

Seven, my hands are trembling.
Tears keeps on falling.
My heart started shouting.
Hope keeps on fading.

Eight, I wish it was a joke.
One word yet it made my heart broke.
I'm looking for a miracle.
Yet finding it, is hard cause' I'm too weak.

Nine, life is about not being fair.
Life is about making a dare.
Life is about not to care,
but I can't help it I can't bare my despair.

Ten, I'm scared not for my life.
I'm scared for someone who can't survive.
Tears with fears are drowning me in,
Wishes, Miracles are nothing with my Prayers for him.

I prayed for him not for me,
I tried to be me but I can't break free.
My eyes starting to be blurry,
blame it on tears and fears staying beside me.
Words by: Jc
Dedicated to: Romel Java
90 · Nov 2017
JCabanilla Nov 2017
Once upon a time.
I live alone,
you came.
You cared,
I fell.
You left,
I wait.
You never came,
I'm alone again.
The end.
Words by: Jc
89 · Sep 2018
Made by Storm
JCabanilla Sep 2018
The chilly wind that whines over the roof.
Break down the heavy rain that no one can create a spoof.
A pile of water rolling down the mountain.
Loads of thunders and Lightnings thread by chain.

Another wild storm is here to disturb the night,
Another wave of death is here to take a bite.
The rattling and flapping sound of the leaves,
bring shivers to each pair of sleeves.
It was raining in our place and it gave me an idea.
89 · Jan 2018
Everything I didn't Say
JCabanilla Jan 2018
He is flawless.
I am worthless.
He live his life to the fullest.
I live my life cause it's pointless.

He is unpredictable.
I am an open book.
He have all his secrets secured.
I have my secrets for everyone to look.

I can't read his mind nor his heart.
He can read mine cause he have my heart.
I have but one secret to be true,
"I love him" but he never knew.

He have her.
I don't have him.
She have him.
He don't want me.

We almost exchange romantic lines,
he was almost mine,
until She came in the picture.
She came in and took my future

I almost have him,
but I woke up in my dream.
We almost have our happy ending,
but we got the tragic ending.

I hate you,
I don't need you,
Go away,
this is what I said.

Tu me manques,
j'ai besoin de vous,
this is everything I didn't say.
Words by: Jc
87 · Jul 2018
Dear J,
JCabanilla Jul 2018
This poem was written because of you,
It was created because you exist.
This piece was completed because of your presence,
and was notice because you are known.

However, I can sense that you already met your edge.
You already reach your limit,
You were already falling behind;
at least that what they've said.

I can see how you hide those ****** tears.
I know how to find the scars you kept underneath your longsleeves.
I was informed how you change your own perspective,
and I feel ashamed for I did nothing but to stare.

I was there amuse by your smile but refuse to look in your eyes,
I was there admiring your new outfit but failed to look in your wrist,
I was there talking how you change so much but failed to question why,
I was there watching you like you're a new release and in trend movie.

So Dear J,
I miss how you make everything so positive.
I miss how you would talk about your dreams.
I miss how you live your life.
I miss the unique, pure and full of love kind of you.

I still see you but I know you're not you,
I want to look in your eyes but you always divert it far from my gaze.
I want to hold your scar but you never gave me a chance.
I was stupid to ask you to come back but I know you're already dead inside.

This ****** poem might and will never catch your eye.
This all good for nothing piece may and will never help you.
This piece of garbage will never change and pull you back.
I might never pull you and bring you back to life.

Dear J, can I watch you again ---
How you think of yourself as useless,
How you look yourself unattractive and heart broken?
Surprisingly blood was dripping and I look in the mirror it was broken.
JCabanilla Jul 2018
We never put ourselves surrounded by high walls,
We let anyone to come in because they shout a lot of calls.
We mold each other by opening each hearts and throwing away the chains and locks,
We gave all the keys to them so they can pass trough all the blocks.

We love all the people around us.
People like every part of our cast.
We all complement each other's flaws.
We can give our truest side and they will never call us low

We were happy by our situation back then,
Everything changed when we let our emotion drive our brain.
We love them so much to the point we are ready to give our all,
But they all misread us and they let us fall.

We decided to put ourselves surrounded by high walls,
We will never let anyone get inside even if they make so many calls.
We will remake each other by putting each heart with chains and locks.
We will get rid of the key so they will feel our pure blocks.

We will trust no one outside our world,
We will never open up and you guys will never hear a word.
We will never keep our guard down,
cause no one is deserve to set foot in our ground.

They killed us before our 18th birthday,
Now it's our debt to repay them someday.
But we promise it won't take too long,
Please welcome the monsters you made because you judge us wrong.
Words by: Jc
86 · Jun 28
Day 10
JCabanilla Jun 28
Dreams will make us fly.
It's nice we could reach the sky
We will soar so high.
Day10!! June 27, 2020.
It's about how our lives will be on track on having dreams and goals. Never stop dreaming, never stop reaching your goals. If someone said it's imposible for you then prove them all wrong ๐Ÿ˜Š
82 · Feb 2018
Mesmerize Everyting
JCabanilla Feb 2018
"I'm fine"
"It's okay"
"I'm good"
and flash a smile

I'm not fine, don't you see?
It's not okay, understand it please.
I'm not good, I can't find peace.

Get the rope!
No, pick the knife!
Choose the poison!
thoughts roaming around my insane brain.

I'm tired,
I'm lost,
I'm lonely,
I feel nothing.

I'm stuck,
I'm suicidal,
I'm choosing,
Live or sleep?

I got the rope,
put it high in the living room,
thinking if I should do it,
but I changed my mind.

I picked the knife,
pointed it on my heart,
thinking if I should stab it.
but then I put it down.

I chose the poison,
put it on a glass,
thinking if I should drink it,
but I tossed it in the garbage.

I looked in the mirror,
with my big brown fluffy eyes,
tired of crying,
wish on dying.

Paper works,
And stress.

Tears are falling in line,
ready to flow,
ready to crawl,
ready to fall.

I made my way in the bathroom,
locked up the door and got up in the tub,
I closed my eyes and started mesmerizing everything,
Started to think those darned times to welcome myself in darkness.

before I fall asleep
I said, "goodbye for nothing"
as I closed my eyes, I felt the water enter my body,
tears are on my eyes and I drowned myself while smiling.
Words by: Jc
Sometimes life is so unfair.
81 · Feb 2019
Burned Book
JCabanilla Feb 2019
I'm so happy with our prologue,
that I never thought about our epilogue.
I'm so mesmerized by our first chapter,
that I never thought the possibility of our final chapter.

"Friend request accepted"
"Say hi to your new facebook friend"

First chapter,
You chatted "Hi", I replied "Hello"
Second chapter,
I told my secrets, you shared yours.

Third chapter,
You became my human diary.
Fourth chapter,
I learned about your favorite food

Fifth chapter,
You called, I heard your voice; you heard my laugh.
Sixth chapter,
Your sweet words and chats are dangerous.

Eighth chapter,
I'm trying not to fall.
Ninth chapter,
The cliff cracked and slowly I'm falling

Tenth chapter,
You're falling.
Eleventh chapter,
I thought it was me.

Twelfth chapter,
You disappeared.
Thirteenth chapter,
You stop chatting and calling me.

Fourteenth chapter,
I'm missing you.
Fifteenth chapter,
you're missing her.

Sixteenth chapter,
"I love you"
Final Chapter,
"I love her"

"Change color"
"Clear Nicknames"
New Message: "Goodbye"
77 · Aug 2018
JCabanilla Aug 2018
I don't write well, but when it comes to you I will write a hundred piece or even thousands of poem just to make you feel that you are loved.
-Sacred Heart
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