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Tell me things
of profound significance
and you have a pair of
unfulfilled ears.

Tell me not
of your latest phase,
nor of what you had
for breakfast and what you

Tell me that you
and I
are born out of
the same explosive star.

Tell me that your
rented house and mine
will burn and
under the heat
of the same sun.

Tell me not of
the latest track
doing its rounds and
selling tee-shirts and raising

Tell me not of
the latest scandal
engineered by ghosts
on their pet nymph.

Tell me that
you'll die tomorrow
and that my words
will remain in you
and rot in velvet flannel
as they lay you to sleep
under the ageing grass
sprinkled with holy water
decorated with lazy inscriptions.

Tell me not
your latest trick, tell
me not your mother's
tryst with a man as
old as you.

Tell me that you'll
stay young and burn
with me when the
crowds come, calling me on
bringing me to account
for all that I failed to talk of.

Tell me not of the many things that trouble you.
The sun rises and looks
To my west for rest
Mama waters the garden
Anticipating youth to bloom
A microcosm of sadness

The ground is filled with memories rotting
A worm finds it's tapered end
A cycle completes

It is finished, he exclaims
Silence. So be it.
A bronze droplet
Brazenly flirts with
Your plump earlobe

The night's embers
Wishes you to be
The envious talk of
Provocative whispers

With you
Darkness reveals
but never hides

The night's flames
Grows higher and higher
Consumes and scars

Every inch of melting
flesh a memory
An undying ember
A brazen mark of
the one the night
dare not hide
Turn my eyes inward
Scatter the nerves that flirt with shades pale and bright

My skin crimson and sour
Like an untimely foetus
Let it roll into a curl facedown

Reduce that deadly tongue
To the serpent it fears being
Race down to my swollen belly

When the trinity is gone
Darkness will prevail
And we'll see once again.

— The End —