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John Dec 2017
Raise the stakes
Beat the odds
Hit the breaks
Its so odd
To be stuck in the center of a seaside ceremony
And be left as the one and only, the lost and lonely

But I've gotten better
Made my way to
Where I first met her
False has been proved true
But again I'm left to pick up petrified puzzle pieces
And its okay, because the pain, it eventually eases
John Nov 2017
Floating in a free-flowing mist
Thought I did, but I didn't get the gist
It seems things, through thick and thin
Remain the same through virtue and sin
Nothing changes in some high, hidden place
Once you get there, you leave no noticeable trace
For the people still stumbling through their own pain
Have to find their own way before they finally gain
What everyone is seeking, has sought and will seek
The best thing you can do is give them a peek
Spring them a leak, tell them you've saved them a seat
For when they're ready to be done being stuck on repeat
John Nov 2017
Into wonderment
Pondering permanence
Whether to weather
The cycle of storms
Am I even getting better?

Decreased desire to detach
But still unfastening the hatch
Going somewhere stationary
While still wishing I was withering
Where will I be buried?

And when?
John Nov 2017
I ceased to believe I exist
On a plane so devoid of bliss
For with every forthright step
And each grasp of reality I get
I sink like a ship, just a blip
On your radar, I've been hit
Mayday, mayday for someday
Maybe I will find myself able to stay
But, for now, I'm shuffling, stumbling
Through thick trees and weathering the rumbling
From the grazed grounds beneath me
The Sun, before me, merely setting
And I find myself wishing, wondering
Where it is I am actually heading.
John Nov 2017
I was drifting through perilous pines
Skipping stones and raking through rhymes
Like leaves on a warm autumn afternoon
Staring skyward, wishing the sun wouldn't wither so soon

When a realization ******* my reaction time
As raindrops ran rigid down my head, a sign
I figured, maybe foolishly, I should head toward the house on the hill
With the dull colored window panes that curiously caused a chill
Down my spine, like a spider creeping
And still
I found, toward the house I was heading

Upon arriving at the front garden
The wind picked up, my countenance hardened
I hoped I had trekked there for a fruitful find
Then I looked down, heard a sound and a saw a line
In the grass that looked to lead around back
The sound was a whirring loud enough to give a heart attack

I wandered around the house, the noise still echoing in my head
Thoughts of witches and ghosts lingered like I was a child before bed
Having made my way to the side of the sulking structure
Yes, it seemed to sulk there, like a heart that had been punctured
An old tractor with worn wheels sat, facing me
But a faint glinting in the grass beneath the tire was all I could see
So I moved in, bent down and heard the noise again!
Just as I got close enough to see, my knees gave in
The tractors engine had started, and the wheel splattered my head
John Sep 2017

Another fretful and sudden surprise.
Caught me on my bruised black blindside.
Never thought I'd see the day or this kind
Of feeling falling on the horizon of my mind.


Down again and overwhelmed by upset.
Turned around, and before I knew it, I let
Myself lose. Forever on the **** end of a bad bet.
Lets just see how much worse this can get.
John Sep 2017
Dreamless sleeps and dreamin' all day
Wondering where this stops
Leanin' on you, screamin' from the bottom of me
Thinkin' that's all I got

Knocked down again, but I was made for this
The lifting up gets easier with practice
Feels like I'm floating at this point
Noise drowned out with noise
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