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  Jul 2016 Jocelyn Juarez
you're my favorite book
pages worn and tear-stained
special moments dog-eared
quotes traced in bright yellow highlighter
notes scribbled in margins
spine torn and aging
cover bent and creased
stains and wrinkles spread throughout
you're my favorite book
I've read you at least one hundred times
I recommend you to my friends over coffee
but only to those who'd appreciate you
only a certain type of mind can appreciate you
understand all your themes and moods
understand the author's ideas and plans
and laugh at all the right moments
you're my favorite book
I carry you in my messenger bag everywhere I go
and I love the way you smell like nostalgia
and that page 46 still has a hot chocolate stain from that one camping trip
where I read you by lantern light under a heavy sleeping bag
and I love the way you feel in my hands
you're my favorite book
but that doesn't mean I don't read others sometimes I'll read another to find it's awful
other times quite fantastic
with battles that make you sweat
and deaths that make you cry
but none of them are you
you're my favorite book
and I suppose you always will be
  Jul 2016 Jocelyn Juarez
Lauren Fehr
it's empty in the valley of your heart {the cave - mumford & sons}
breathing in snowflakes {the a team - ed sheeran}
standing in the dark {standing in the dark - lawson}
on the corner of first and amistad {you found me - the fray}
fading out the light softly saying {shuffle - bombay bicycle club}
life's too short to even care at all {cough syrup - young the giant}
i miss our little talks {little talks - of monsters and men}
now i'm driving round on the boulevard {swim good - frank ocean}
chasing after gold mines crossing the fire lines {between the raindrops - lifehouse}
trying to erase the memory of your face {warzone - the wanted}
but on a wednesday in a cafe i watched it begin again {begin again - taylor swift}
there's nowhere we can hide {demons - imagine dragons}
i'll build you shelter out of the rain {shelter - hedley}
and i will try to fix you {fix you - coldplay}
as long as you love me {as long as you love me - justin bieber}
even if you said i was wrong {perfect - hedley}
one minute i held the key next the walls were closed on me {viva la vida - coldplay}
london calls me a stranger {the city - ed sheeran}
but my shadow days are over {shadow days - john mayer}
nothing's fine i'm torn {torn - natalie imbruglia}
you're no good for me but i want you {diet mountain dew - lana del rey}
you make me feel like i'm intoxicated {intoxicated - the cab}
off last night's whiskey and coke {cold coffee - ed sheeeran}
is there something to believe in {makes me wonder - maroon 5}
i'm lost in the heat of it all {lost - frank ocean}
say what you need to say {say - john mayer}
i'm just waiting for the moment to arrive {gold rush - edd sheeran}
like ships in the night passing me by {ships in the night - mat kearney}
mirror on the wall here we are again {mirror - lil wayne}
but i'm not afraid {not afraid - eminem}
in your eyes i have seen all the feeling and the rain {venice - the lighthouse and the whaler}
you ran away in your sleep {paradise - coldplay}
but i won't give up on us {i won't give up - jason mraz}
like the colors in autumn so bright {red - taylor swift}
i loved you first {loved you first - one direction}
the lingering question kept me up {enchanted - taylor swift}
will your mouth read this truth {little bird - ed sheeran}
i've been loving you for quite some time {stay stay stay - taylor swift}
there's things you need to hear {the heart of life - john mayer}
you don't know how lovely you are {the scientist - coldplay}
i'm in love with you and all your little things {little things - one direction}
i belong with you  {** hey - the lumineers}
you belong with me {you belong with me - taylor swift}
i'm lucky i'm in love with my best friend {lucky - jason mraz feat. colbie caillat}
i wrote this yesterday
it's a plethora of lyrics from songs off my ipod
Jocelyn Juarez Jul 2016
12 a number of deep scars on her skin
12 times she gave up
12 moments she found herself holding the blade in her hands
1 attempt to end it all like a game
2 blades she took care of as if they were her life
Oh, but they were her life

12 cuts that remain a memory on her skin
12 years of age and feeling like a lost fisherman at sea
3 years old and she already lost sense of a normal childhood
Her world the one full of stars shattered right before her eyes
Going to a place she called home but wasn’t a home
Going to a place she was filled with fear
Fear caused by a pair of hands she thought were to protect and not hurt

She didn’t want to be in fear
She wanted her end to be near
By 4 years old she was independent like a 11 year old
Showering and dressing herself before mother could see how ***** and used she actually was
Bruised up, used up, torn, broken
So that blade was her golden token

12 goals and dreams she gave up on
12 times father promised he wouldn’t hurt mother anymore
12 times she was told to let herself be touched because no one would love her either way
12 times her brother said “don’t tell mom”
1 time she made her little sister a promise to not let brother hurt her ever again
1 time breaking that promise led to losing her little sister

Bruised up, used up, torn… broken
With a golden token
She found a way out after 11 years
She spread her broken wings and emerged out of darkness
Jocelyn Juarez Jul 2016
My love for you will never fade
Sure for you I'd bleed myself dry
But I shall not let you cry
Oh even if I die
Tonight you'll be the love of my love
Tomorrow you will still be
You're perfect to me
My love, can't you see?
I love you
I've always loved you
I've always chosen you
you just never chose me
Hell, you don't even know I existed
until now
01-01 It started
A new year
A new love cycle
A new start
and it all started with you
sure you put me through hell once
Forgave you I did
Forget I cannot
It's not a memory I like to keep
But it's buried deep
this poem is part of seris of poems I will be adding soon, enjoy

— The End —