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Oct 2020 · 159
Crest Escutcheon Supporters
jimmy tee Oct 2020
A stag’s head erased per fess
Proper and Gules attired
Or differenced with a crescent

Ermine on a fess Sable
three mullets

Or Dexter
a stag regardant
Sable attired and hoofed

Or charged on the body
with an eagle
of the last gorged
with a collar of SS
and portcullises Gold

sinister a bay horse
bridled saddled and supporting a staff

Proper headed
Or with a banner
Vert fringed and charged with the letters
Y. L. D.
Gold meaning
York light-dragoons
Oct 2020 · 1.2k
negotiation my ass
jimmy tee Oct 2020
never a need to say yes or no
just say not now instead
to avoid any decision
apply infinite revision
then crawl on back to bed

the words stick to and fro
following where they’re led
when a Harvard debater
says “I’ll catch ya’ later”
they really mean go drop dead

declarations come and go
everyday is condition red
I have not a clue
if what you say is true
your rhetoric is overfed

intellect is friend or foe
trapped deep in your head
words are often mis-used
context cannot be refused
if you believe you believe what was said
original poetry by Jimmy Tee
Apr 2014 · 483
jimmy tee Apr 2014
Apr 2014 · 451
my final hello poetry post
jimmy tee Apr 2014
thank you hello poetry
you helped me find a way
to post and dream and fly
sharing thoughts at play
my work will now be found
at a blog called jimmy tee
with teeism by the pound
in our world menagerie

so long
Apr 2014 · 589
college credit for this one
jimmy tee Apr 2014
the attraction must be difficult to resist
the distance comforting
advertised as virtual but falls short

body language, nervous ticks or the lack of them
are a big part of collective contact
you know, two or more eternal souls in a room

that sense of nervousness, self doubt,
not because of the people involved
but meeting other sufferers of modern times

the emperor has new clothes
loneliness, few degrees of separation
nothing social about society
Apr 2014 · 684
jimmy tee Apr 2014
overdosed on poetry
hearing, composing, reading
searching for meaning
in everything literal
what exactly does my breakfast indicate ?
how to contain the overwhelming exuberance
of the spring day before me ?
is there a consistent theme throughout
my handling of mundane chores ?
are my HP printer problems merely a suggestion of life’s turmoil ?
a long break is needed
my head is tired
Apr 2014 · 680
jimmy tee Apr 2014
with their great drooping wings
the ospreys returned yesterday
to scan the raging snowmelt for churned up meals
to set up nest in order to begin the process
of egg to chick to selfish fledgling to conspicuous adult
it is tempting to apply human traits to the natural world
[especially for a poet]
but in this case we will work on an unnatural premise
reaching the small point of contentment
in the form of a fish hawk being
putting aside our never ending need for understanding
and stop measuring beauty and form
Apr 2014 · 379
last night
jimmy tee Apr 2014
the conversations are magnified by the bare walls of the room
what causes people to have so much to talk about ?
themselves, naturally

you would have to turn people inside out
to eliminate the constant first person narrative

this is going nowhere fast

while the Walls of Jericho did undoubtably tumble
they were built of inhuman stone
and fell much more easily
Apr 2014 · 538
lookout below
jimmy tee Apr 2014
the risks found in life are many
bargain with a dollar, settle for a penny

not a single rhyme was heard
a tight fit, first person stories feature one word

almost all wines are blended
sugar balanced acid, a grape comprehended

people actually perceive
they are unique models, thanks to mom, we believe
Apr 2014 · 321
as far as i'm concerned
jimmy tee Apr 2014
and if ben franklin
had appeared before me
he would appear
as the howling strange youth
pierced, knotted, purpose of a sort
Apr 2014 · 321
me oh my oh
jimmy tee Apr 2014
plan on nothing but trouble
stamp hubris down into the ground
prepare for contradictions
when the goal is set
the rules work against themselves
practice makes perfect
more practice than could ever be performed
the boundaries appear set
comprehend limits for awhile
where’d they go ?
jimmy tee Apr 2014
the chains of dogma increase with each new day
sophistication and bumbling in equal rhyme
beliefs scramble when the truth gets in the way
new discoveries possible at any time
born alone, then crowded in the sway
between minds that hunger in decline
when all we need is honest work and play
Apr 2014 · 433
got me
jimmy tee Apr 2014
there is a softness available
in the description of our intriguing world
the world of moving winds
living plants, bird on wing, an expanse of stars
and a blue white gray
found over us at all times
there is a gentleness, an ease
a sort of laziness behind creation
beauty is casual
Apr 2014 · 351
crazy ideas
jimmy tee Apr 2014
lets call it a marrianne
its nice to coin a phrase now and then
the language will not suffer beyond the framing of this poem
a marrianne is a descriptive term of a common human trait
that magnifies exponentially with the number of human minds available
that trait is hypocrisy the art of saying one thing and doing another
in this case the matter is between peace and war
everyone wishes for peace
the arguments for war are few, but fervent when they occur
the drumbeats hard to resist, a momentum like no other
after all, war kills and maims our sons, and soon our daughters
and these precious people never ever ever recover
as empty as shells on the beach, lost to madness
and this is the definition of a marrianne:
the systematic disregard of what was once promoted using high ideals
and as a correlation: a throwaway society
Apr 2014 · 408
no title 1
jimmy tee Apr 2014
bird on the wing
perched in the sun begins to sing
bunny on the hop
while mistreating others we elevate ourselves
the science behind personality testing
the theory of motivation
the fact that a certain trend will occur to satisfy a need
behavior is driven by an internal state of disequilibrium
this lack of balance is the source of all conflict, large and small
achievement, power, affiliation and intimacy
are described as secondary needs
and our personal reaction to these states
determines our personalities
when you pass a person on the street
remember to pay attention to the fact
that they are filled with desires to fill their secondary needs
the gaps add up to the person
Apr 2014 · 459
no title
jimmy tee Apr 2014
an obsession defined is no obsession at all
strong, barely controllable, passion, when it rules
is invisible to the

when the storm passes
you are seeing the earth in the process of balance
the storms are not blotches of color on a screen
they do not follow dotted lines or spiked curves
they are living breathing churning of equipoise
and a universe strongly influenced by entropy
balance being a continuous give and take
in both large and small doses

you are truly alive only when you are young

the effects of todays spring thaw
will be felt tomorrow in the lower Lamoille
there seems to be room for more river
between the bank
the machines will increase flow
both upstream and down in a balance of volume

and it has been noticed that birds
prepare of the cold of the night
by roosting in pines facing the direction
of the morning sun
jimmy tee Apr 2014
Sorry, I changed my mind in between copy and paste
the poem needs more work
Apr 2014 · 561
jimmy tee Apr 2014
hey, wanna watch a movie ?
yeah….. ahhhhh…….. sure
anything ?
no, well…… ha abou’………….. anything with Vin Diesel,
‘cept his last movie
and i say that after every one of his movies
well, its a system anyway
Apr 2014 · 321
jimmy tee Apr 2014
sunbeams on the morning bright
removes most traces of despair
and carries me to the ancient rite
when myths of furies filled the air

machines evicted and in their place
the wind filled sails o’er the wine dark sea
gods at play with the human race
in plots and schemes vindictively

in every crack of earth, a spirit lives
gods and men in shared desire
both guilty of a deceit that gives
clouded reason for Olympiad fires

the thunderbolts fly with little debate
impulsive gods, petty, spoiled, absurd  
but regal in their conniving state
and held to oath and word

they take every opportunity
when not aligning sun and star
to shift their shape, then sexually
pounce, with a quick au revoir

jealousy, rage, revenge at any chance
stirs the north wind on the sea foam
forcing héros to tragic circumstance
with very long rides home

from a thousand ships to none at all
these powerful lords seem obsessed
to place siren obstacles and sudden squall
leaving the righteous without rest

no need for blinded giants hurling stone
let us be who are but men
so that amid destinies we are free to set our own
the earth to wine and fat, then back again
Apr 2014 · 266
jimmy tee Apr 2014
as palpable as emotion seems
outside my window, the darkness dreams
wondering who dare emit
then words again re-writ
found confidence, inspired soul
command, option, shift, control
Apr 2014 · 412
jimmy tee Apr 2014
there was never a good reason to start anew
Marty got the shingles and immediately knew
the pain and sorrow carried from womb to tomb
and the unlikely chance they would cross the room
Mar 2014 · 458
The Tao
jimmy tee Mar 2014
i sat down to write a poem on how the Tao messed up my view
i was to mention that if Yin shot Yang, there was little we could do
and prove that unseen balance could fall on a turn of a *****
for all i saw was cocked and tilted with injustice shot clear through
how, despite my darkness, the nights breath starry hue
and days of rain outnumber the skies of summer blue
while the desert sand replaces the books of Timbuktu
i said, ‘the Tao removes our human passion, and vainly substitutes
a zero sum philosophy, our lives an I.O.U.’
but the words came doubly hard as the forced rhymes flew
i could feel a vague resistance that pulled my thoughts askew  
the tug of the Tao was strong and clear throughout this weak review
jimmy tee Mar 2014
we could teach our kids
for the better tomorrow to come
and fix some roads, clean up some water
help our brothers and sisters
who don't quite think or act correctly
[for a lot of reasons that affect us all]
there’s some leftover to cut taxes too
and you can never have too many clean parks

then the next year you could also not make one F - 35
and send us the two hundred fifty million instead
then next year do the same thing
we could teach our kids…….
Mar 2014 · 404
jimmy tee Mar 2014
everyone lives ordinary lives
a list of similarities
found typical among us
would be very long, indeed
the fourth line proves the first
the very small widgets of ourselves
that are truly unique
become magnified to a large degree
when exposed to the theatre of this world
and has set about an order to permit ceaseless
displacement of the memory of past mistakes

it is always a war against something
and even an imaginary peace
cannot be created
jimmy tee Mar 2014
there was never a clue
that I was awesome in any way
until it was mentioned to me
by just under two thousand different people
in all walks of life but mostly
waiters and waitresses
art gallery attendents
convenience store clerks
other short lived acquaintances
I have seen awesome sunrises and sunsets
and other skyview phenomenon
I have witnessed other awesome views of the scenic earth
I am not awesome in any way
I have never met any person who was awesome
please oh please stop using that word to describe anything short of God and His saints
jimmy tee Mar 2014
well, we’ve never had a lay off
and we’ve been here since ’44
when you see how we run this place
you’ll run screaming out the door
when you find your 8 hour shift
has ballooned to 14 or more
the labor is repetitive
with carpel tunnel galore
we bare no responsibility
when you slip on greasy floors
our health benefits
bought at a discount store
you see our business plan
treats you like a prisoner of war
until you wonder what is wrong with
being young and free and poor
Mar 2014 · 352
jimmy tee Mar 2014
there is no reason to expect
that todays state of affairs
would be any different
had history been changed
in some way or other

of course, the big picture
magnifies the small lies
inside each and every one

we moved away shortly after
my fathers death and within
a year my mother came to visit
we saw some sights
and spent time talking
while sitting outdoors
on fair September evenings
while in the kitchen
whipping up a ragu
I felt the burn of her stare
as I coursed back and forth
slowly realizing that I was now
the closest thing she had to her husband
my reach then extended
to the afterworld
Mar 2014 · 578
Proverbs According to Me
jimmy tee Mar 2014
practice the utmost care
form a vigilant style
peep around corners
be alert to possibilities

develop awareness
study what lurks in shadow
prepare for surprises
hone your senses

visualize potential scenarios
pay attention to the probable
spy through keyholes
listen through thin walls

dis-believe dormancy
list your suspicions
weigh all prospects
refine distrust

cross examine sincerity
swim in the sea of mistrust
suspend all gut feeling
deny altruism

question fact
support skepticism
increase misgivings
keep eyes wide open

bet on failure
indulge at peril
compile odds
rely on doubt

push a fuzzy brand of cynicism
label everything
marginalize what you don’t understand
be conscience of fraud

perceive through narrowness
downplay experience
recycle ancient lies
apply rhetorical loops

reduce all to the absurd
promote jealousy
revel at weak spots
blame impossibilities

design decision trees
ferment rebellion
create false alliances
initiate rumor

draft complex plans
generate half truths
produce unreachable ideals
fashion anger

establish favorable ground rules
start a corporation
coin a catch phrase
invent an argument

launch a promotional campaign
confirm nothing
invert the discussion
determine outcomes

verify the enormous
market greed
prove conflicting arguments
ascertain needless worth

uncover falsehoods
locate the correct word
detect limitations
counterattack always

deliver disadvantage
attack any and all flaws
educate with nonsense
promote vulnerability

assign bogus titles
fabricate counterfeits
rely on fictions
deceive the masses

compose a reason
construct pain
assemble wild games
dismantle the individual

move mountains
consume independent thought
cause penance
gestate chaos

nurse turmoil
outflank righteousness
muddle the message
confide in darkness

plant upheaval
nurture vanity
ignore any mayhem
misname disorder

cultivate hesitation
praise ambiguity
rejoice for indecision
celebrate vagueness

dance as a marionette
venerate a suckerpunch
insult pride
pay tribute to silence

bend any principle
admire baseness
respect behind closed doors
award deceit

erase distinction
cook up conspiracies
diagram secrets
format the unbelievable

lust over possession
outline an escape
draw excuses
strategize sin

parcel desires
aim toward the crass
object to feelings
target the sordid

commit to the improper
corrupt all souls
mock religion
root out the wise

increase loneliness
pigeonhole solidarity
rupture the will
insert schisms

shout down dissent
pound out inferiority
supply sadness
stand toward folly

seek out dependency
crush mild opposition
carve a new standard
delay action
Mar 2014 · 2.4k
jimmy tee Mar 2014
step right this way
the curly haired whispers of long ago
dirt on the steppes of Maui
life and death
the boldness of breath
tea sets invented
natures idea of hooking
the falsehood of feelings
since you can sense the release of chemicals
into the gut from the gut
art is an effort
all roads are connected therefore lead nowhere
the impossibility of a paper bag
well that’s why you got the people you do
blistered surfaces
magical marketing
lost time is all its good for
other beings
the past is as real as the now
the future not so much
look for answers under slimy rocks
mark the trail with crumbs
holiday pay eligibility
pig latin verse
loose lips sinks fish
headlines of tomorrow list all your deeds
originality pounds it out
a ground game if there ever was one
marginalized in a riotous way
spit shined shoes laced real tight
if you stayed this long you must get it real good
explanations spellchecked edited cast aside
meaning lost found lost and lost again
bury your words
measure the sun as a star
triangulate emotion in order to set free the main ingredient
the Bosporus the smallest gap imaginable
a wayward telephone number listed
a matchbook
adding depth to the photograph by controlling aperture
roulette craps poker slots Chinese checkers
numbers never end
gymnasium antics
mans best friend is a meateater
fall follows autumn in the southern hemisphere
three dimensions are all you need all you require
deny both the entity and the substance found ahead
synchronize your watch with mine
sand as a tonic baby oil pine
money buys packaged happiness
there was this guy named Shakespeare
opinion calls for differences version 2.0
you find the zoo to lead so very far
swing for the fences
jump rope skip sidewalk
mow the concrete lawn from here to horizon
jump rope skip sidewalk
learn forget then act dumb
exit stage left
what is behind animal eyes big mystery
exponential units forge toward the final group session
king me
did the butler do it with the maid
how often is crying necessary
pound for pound the best boxer in the mid century bout of pneumonia
digital meanings end in analog discussions
legions of admirers blinded
where to turn when the lights are forever out
invest in mystery
disappoint those who will never know you
you know it
there is a dogma in need of a collar out there somewhere
temptation looms
the holy word of snowflakes delve into deep philosophy
but I always got along with everybody
why work
pituitary gland
announcing for the first time on record
prince spaghetti and salad extraordinaire
the alphabet ends in z
puddles form on distant planets that orbit toothless suns
loud music still comforts the savage beast
years like a tape measure stills the ragged poor children
never to be found never ever ever
solvent says eat thou peas
silo bag deliver us from the tall neighbor police
sidestep any issue involving toys
mounds of troubles can be climbed
Kansas wind also flows down the plain
think about it the sea is mostly under itself
most things look better from behind
a major felony on your record
knowledge in the form of easy chew tablets
hounded by creditors bobby laid low
actors actresses chumps
results are mixed as the queen leaves daring long behind
punctuation fits into softly lit areas of the mind
stay loose
breakdown the door then apologize some more
I left home for this
mistakes are what we call experience
the smiles on bubblegum cards just as real
twenty dollars invested in nothing
pin air to itself
buy time sock it away watch it grow grow grow
cool is always enough for matty
god that guy could drink ant sanitation member into the ground
leaves are raking themselves these days
so long in the past stood there with sled in hand
photographed by a grandfather clock
black envelopes glued by hand in an everlasting jump off point
poetry bound and gagged for fun and zero profit
movable type static feasts
in the groove piled high with the color that represents lament
fifty thousand big ones aint so big anymore
the river left town
cannon at the gate corded shot ingenious ways to destroy people
support the troops
he say one thing then did another wow does that hurt
memory votes early and often
nobody knows the troubled bean
it all hinges on my word being accepted
china feels so very close
the sea full of carp moistened in salt water ** boy o boy
Vermeer at the loom
the bronze age must have been heavy
time waits around the corner selling amphetamines
queer beings exit the saucer and head right for the local hobby shop
end game
paint as a medium large
pine scented maple trees win the prize
in my book the covers speak for themselves
close up to the camera waterfall
find the picture inside the cavity send help
amid ship is the place amid
of course some things are missing
ghost register to vote
went fishing came home with a tummy ache
spend your last dime see the world as it truly is
between avenue b and c there lies a small wombat
fend off the high climbing stairs that offer busy bees
mind the gaping hole that leads to oblivion ny
fog in my ear
steam punk can you believe it had to be invented
the f drive taketh away
sing a song about the street we used to chug a lug at
view my elbow rock
know thyself from the middle ages on toward the detail
love pander both you know
mom became tonnage displaced and torpedoed
you are very astute now quit it
this meeting is over like so many before it
collapse my finger into red colored dust
round up and whittle down the masthead
toothpick sized brains
its no bother at all fire away with logical pounds
page that squire knight the tree stand hunter in velvet horn
live as the yo yo
beat it now not later now before the sun sets far into the Japanese
planning a child check our bargain bins first then decide
overtime halts the easy chair
mounds clopping at the level of good mine
piles of good old fashioned nonsense
home grown
sunny side up way up
carry a friend everywhere you travel
catch a rising star and keep it there
an alarming increase
happiness is a warm puppy
many are called but few are winners
put in your time split and repeat
wrinkles seem to be catching on
break the law go to *******
now is the time smack in the middle of touchy feely
mountain of jelly
pound of brown
highway exits in turning lane
polished sayings die in mid form
butterfly of course
bank on it twice
inform the theologian that grace is universal
one unit is enough to bounce the basket ball
larcenies are a regrettable offense for jumble minded
loud is the hammer of life by golly
far away lies the land of nod no wait mod
never saw it coming
mud in your minds eye
clean up before the mess is tabled
throw away all hits
kong king
mondo longo pongo in delicate dancing
bear in mind that bares the soul to influence
set up the new roux
pint sized followers found via radio
fell asleep in wonder fat
knives sharpened better get a move on
loudly express a final punt
line one line two line three
when did farming become cold
disease jumps as the trampoline handles wind jammers
night can be fun but girls are more down there
love me back
mindful of the garter you can relax next year
backwards as a mean average statistical oops
venting hot gas adds to the thrill
is this thing on
and and and and and and and
call the water department I am ready to fly
listen the goat will never know what hit him
long on flavor short on towels
company insists on a quaint meal of posies
behind a successful man is a chair of some kind
got milk
my friend can be talkative but never mind
rounded surfaces slip into nothingness a modern age affliction
we will escape scot free
badness baldness daily princess
puzzle in mind he left his denial on the riverbank
on the reindeer hoof we ride
how can it be hey baby that’s what we are here for right
the plays is not the thing
work your **** off then find the instruction manual
beep buzz bop
it appeared right there but is gone now
Mar 2014 · 315
jimmy tee Mar 2014
at winter solstice when the sun is low

it is compensated by the fact
that the moon reaches her highest point
the situation then reverses itself
along the way a spot of equilibrium
is reached
the heavens dance without invitation
there is a statement in their movements
they shine sublime
Mar 2014 · 300
jimmy tee Mar 2014
get used to stepping over the dead
plot and plan an exit strategy
that precisely measures the extent
of words now being expressed
that, with the easy thought
of iron consequence,
would lend avoidance
to our terrible future tack
Mar 2014 · 353
jimmy tee Mar 2014
insatiability is congenital
the ability to be lazy
an important life lesson

stir the stew pass the soup
both items fraught
with catastrophic possibilities

best to stand back let it flow
very little need for movement
a full shift on the couch

whatever occurs adds to the norm
the world is a statisticians dream
numbers are mirrors facing each other

the vanity virus
Mar 2014 · 500
jimmy tee Mar 2014
nobody has their head in the game

from mineral to plant
from plant to beast
from beast to human
from human to pure soul

it is an easy universe to fool
a simple paradox
a play on words
[ cue that guy from Crete ]
creates a small disorder
disrupts the soup
spills the beans
the stars continue to spin
in heaven for sure
but a little less certain of themselves

the earth need not be saved from the gnats
currently messin’ up the scene
who listens hard to sycophants  
who paint each other green
who fret and moan such personal fears
while they foul and **** the land
as if five billion balanced years
leaves you room to understand
that people are a stubborn lot
a speck on a crumb on a speck
a fact that is very easily forgot
what else would you ever expect
Feb 2014 · 241
jimmy tee Feb 2014
beside summer, three months of anything is hard to take

dear Kate Moss: I will marry you immediately
Feb 2014 · 404
jimmy tee Feb 2014
my cat exists in another plane of actuality
an omni-directional balanced point turned into itself
no measurement can detect the far flung colors
of my cats solid state pillow caked universe
she floats upon balconies of clouds
rose fingered dawn or sacred dusk at her wish
as far away as far away can be, but really
in the same place after all
quietly asleep
Feb 2014 · 392
jimmy tee Feb 2014
the snow banks today are blinding in the sun
the very snow that formed from a far on high
invisible cloud that fell in temperature
and froze the water vapor itself into six sided
lightly blue crystals that never find their twin
Feb 2014 · 1.0k
Nice blend of ideas
jimmy tee Feb 2014
it's when it's small
that the cucumber
gets twisted
merely talking about
a difficulty will not unravel it
there is no accounting
for taste an ounce of fortitude is worth
a pound of brains nobody can fully understand
another person's need when something
seems too good to be true
usually it is if fortune thunders
beware of being
snowed under
in a hundred years
we will be dead anyway so what if you humiliate yourself
the pillow is a good counselor as the priests sings
so the congregation responds judge not
the umpire at first sight delay
is preferable to ‘‘in no way’’
much bran and little feast the only gratis
cheese is in the mouse trap
there is no rule
without an immunity don't suppose
anyone to change his ways
by telling him off pay no attention
to what people shout about you
the remedy is often
worse than the complaint
Feb 2014 · 358
Tonight on Biography
jimmy tee Feb 2014
now it dawns on me
a sense of immense meaning
I left my job to write poetry

The Job:
[ they were a bunch of creeps
and they set new standards
in frightening non logic
on a regular basis
it was like their goal
was to surpass themselves
I had enough

about a year before the axe fell
I stopped performing
most of my duties
in late, out early
that was my motto
I received compliments
on my summer tan
from many hours spent
on the golf course
since ***** looks were free
I accepted them with a smile

living off savings
and whatever public dole is available
the sixty eight year old me
may curse his sixty year old version
too bad
fate got me this far
fate will propel
Feb 2014 · 357
Not much here
jimmy tee Feb 2014
he had his demons
they would not let go
as they delivered
him to rocky shores
full of shifting, unsure, footing

the source of these imps
a mystery, as with all men
they must satisfy a crawling need
the jigsaw puzzle tongue
into defenseless groove

we breed weakness
to develop strengths
in battle fields internal
all it costs
is unnecessary pain
Feb 2014 · 298
Your Turn
jimmy tee Feb 2014
there can be no agreement
in the absence of conflict
the scars that I carry

roll over, lay down and take it
every one seems to know
what the cat is thinking

pass me the fire bombs
there has been a negligent
poisoning of water supplies

thank you for stepping this way
now the remainder of the lecture
can be explained to you
jimmy tee Feb 2014
the height of creation by far
the only one thing that required to be constructed
as to birth all the items, actions and facts
that build actuality
which is a mystery to us, but not to itself
so alive, such an incredible life cycle
the ten million degree womb
these furnaces hang
in defeated neon blackness
they boil in wonder
Feb 2014 · 314
jimmy tee Feb 2014
the crowd mills around the rough wooden scaffold
each has a part in the show of the condemned
dour officials beneath hooded cowls, darkness
a display of the supreme power of the law
criminal death sends a very, very strong message
the procession to the block ministered
by clergy vestments murmuring coded prayers
valleys of shadows, power, light everlasting
all hinting at a justifiable vengeance
the prisoner resigned to his fate under the jeers
his situation outranks the screaming populace
they will return to empty existence full of threats
he to the near comfortable mystery of the beyond
the blade falls, the blood flows staining red over brown
the flies gather for their feast, the deed is complete
the damning flies that no one expected
Feb 2014 · 266
What a mess he created
jimmy tee Feb 2014
well, you don’t hear much these days
regarding Adam’s fall
how his frail, human ways
****** and ******* us all

all he had was Paradise
imagine that embrace
with just a small sacrifice
he could stop our fall from Grace  

he must have felt the touch
what the French call ennui
the Garden didn’t matter much
it was just another tree

he could never know the pain
that knowledge was his sin
or what the ages would contain
had his Father taught him discipline
Feb 2014 · 265
jimmy tee Feb 2014
the wind is a ghost, the sages agree
but their argument snapped on a technicality
the spirits that flow in silence, sincere,
will never deliver what just isn’t there
Feb 2014 · 448
jimmy tee Feb 2014
I am sitting with some of my possessions
by the steps and stone shadowed lions
outside the New York Public Library
there is a fellow there selling his poetry
in bound books
he has a table small with a sign:

Meet the Author

he is warm and personable
offering his hand with a wink and a smile
to strangers of the great city
and sharing lines of his verse with zeal
he appears to be a perfect match
of my dear departed friend
Jack Nuthall
and I wonder
now that I reside in this poem
how many Jacks are still in this world roaming ?
I mean the exact person
how many of myself are brooding in the shadows  
believing that we live individual lives
when we exist beyond count
Feb 2014 · 531
Cement Shoes
jimmy tee Feb 2014
there is something
keeping me away
from walling through this door
it is like there is a line of standing arguments
that must be satisfied
before this simple action can be completed
and it stops me in my tracks
standing here at this very moment
writing these thoughts
within the world
as it passes by
Feb 2014 · 585
jimmy tee Feb 2014
man with wooden leg
unwrapping a gift of a stone of some kind
offering it to a man in a crushed felt hat
in a coffee shop
this circumstance beyond any comprehension
to this observer
Feb 2014 · 737
Title (optional)
jimmy tee Feb 2014
by the universe crooked
we contribute to what we disown
there is a silent discourse
that props imaginary
a list of ideals full of missteps
high thoughts, base intentions
the draw of the common
the acceptance
of anything popular
but pay a visit to the sum
of our invented truths
no comfort remains
Feb 2014 · 430
jimmy tee Feb 2014
since we are not much more
than the sum of our days
let’s go back to childhood
that emotional blend
of terror and comfort
where hardly a day passed
that was lacking discovery
the air felt different
on the skin
colors and reflections
were stronger in depth
silliness was just around the corner
and mysteries dropped clues
like breadcrumbs on a trail
we truly live when young
and we share with the budding rose
the confront of actuality
Feb 2014 · 617
Forty Seven Pounds
jimmy tee Feb 2014
touched in the head
to put his madness mildly
a clinical case
but it stood
and it grew
until 1982
spontaneous combusted
when his crate
could not be trusted
the doctors reacting wildly
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