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Roller coaster ruckus
Bubble gum, Ferris wheel
Fireworks kisses feel's like bee stings
Cotton candy rampage
A carousel confusion
Panic in the popcorn
Imposture that I don't know
Cracked teeth from  trampoline pills
Electric Kool aid mousetrapped into my air
*** holes in my mind jostling my sparkling flaws
My skin expels spores into the gap of my consciousnesses
Jar of ancient street fumes cocooning  the stains of my past
A jagged rig ,  nose diving through my arteries
China white is my new  side kick, making me comatose and delirious
As my  brain ******'s with  gratification  I'm swaddled and content
Toxic wasted eyes , creases like canyons scrimshawed into my face
I'm a wraith of my own creation
Herion is a *****
the shards of my shattered blood line
piercing into my lungs
tearing it open

letting me bleed my sadness out.

i bleed slowly;
                       i bleed,
                                    i bleed.

your vibrant persona is too much for me to handle,
it feels choking at times.

but nonetheless i am attracted
like a moth to a flame.
i know it is dangerous,
i know it will only end in my execution,
but i go in anyway
orchestrating my own death.

i plummet into your aura,
i take it in.

and a small part of me believes
that you even had the smallest inch of care for me.

but you don't.
it's someone else it always is.

it's always the 'it's not you it's me' crap;
or the 'i don't feel the same' torture.

nonetheless it breaks me,
and i break in silence.

the saddest part is i thought i had a chance with you.


what a joke.

it can't happen,
it will never happen.
and that is all there is for me.

there is no yes or inbetween.
it is always no,
a resounding no.

but it's not your fault.
i know i am an ogre,
a monster with two minuscule eyes,
with my pores oozing acid,
and my mouth spewing fire.

my fiery temper restricts all suitors,
i know i cannot be tamed.

maybe that is why.

i am boundless and limitless and that may be intimidating.
but i am human,

and every human has that one boundary and
that one

that was meant to be you,
meant to be you for me.

but you have someone else,
someone prettier and better.

so be happy, because that's all i want;

but for now,

i bleed slowly;
i bleed,
i bleed.
i'm currently mending a broken heart by using the only means i know how... poetry.

Word of Advice: boys are torture
Oozing hot summer roads, I
crawl across to help others
get where they're going.

The Son's of Liberty
would be hella proud of me,
no eagles were harmed in this tar
and featherweight bout between
ground and pressure wait now,
tectonic water,
drowned in pleasure,
no *****, just essence of.

A girl broken up by her main mans
in Pangea grandeur.
          oceans shrivel into marshes,
warming up to global standards
          crows nibble in the darkness
with earthly manners, clamoring
casting slander on the dead,
        covering graves.

Hitting nails on the head
lawns get shred in both ways
scalped naivete,
          roads paved
through heat delirium,
          post haste,
bringing blurred horizons
in the afternoon haze.
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