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May 2015
What a powerful emotion
That has propel mortal toward becoming a dead tissue.
As a man who had already committed ****** before stepping out to commit the crime,making the body as restless as the sea that has no dwelling place.
You are has cold has death itself that you victim are like the living dead who had died and still lives at the same time.
You are like a soul destroyer that blast into the better part of one's happiness with a river of tears,casting shadow into the life of your victim.
Putting an end to the existence of a living soul inhabiting two individual. destroying the bedrock in which every relationship is built with a river of endless tears.
Oh my soul
For it is wrapped up with sadness moaning the lost of my happiness,that my soul has become an immortal of tears that never grow tired,hungry,thirsty and never stop crying.
Oh my world
The world I have built with pillars of happiness now destroy with sadness.
ochuko blaze
Written by
ochuko blaze  nigeria
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