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Jason Trinh Feb 2018
Written swords,
Broken chords,
Misty eyes as we trade rage.

Lovers' sake,
Hearts we take,
Wars that we could never wage.

Say the words,
Blissful thirds,
Souls touch as we turn the page.
Jason Trinh Jan 2018
Though when I look into your eyes,

I see a thousand miles left uncharted,

Leafless trees have yet to bud,

Midnight stars are expected to shine,

Let loose of all your worries,

For a rose without thorns does not deserve to be entitled as a rose, my

Jason Trinh Jan 2018
Disclose your constellations,

Bathe in his celestial seas,

Stretch your arms through the void for the sake of lover's unease.
Somber is a poem that expresses one's anxiety when it comes to realizing how nervous and brittle the other lover feels in regards to commitment. Perhaps it's reasonably difficult for the individual to sail in unfamiliar waters--for commitment is a sea that has never been explored before. Give that individual plenty of time and plenty of space. It's hard, truly it is. It's hard to suppress your intimacy in a time where you feel as if you should give more. Be passionate. Be prudent. Be patient.
Jason Trinh Jan 2018
Irises paved against the ceiling,
Closing in on all things somber,
Fingers sky-scraping through the darkness,
Fingers begging you to want this.

All is black,
But our constellations shine brightly,
Trying to connect the stars,
Trying to remind you of the "we can's" and "we are's".

See past inevitability,
Connect the stars between us two,
Grow out of your fears,
Grow with faith for the sake of these tears.
Have you ever been forced in a situation that requires you to remind, if not beg, the love of your life to keep the faith? It's a position that's fearful for both individuals. Be patient, be hopeful, be faithful, be empathetic, be gentle with your approach. While it takes two to see it through, sometimes it's up to you to save love.
Jason Trinh Jan 2018
Flying high like I've lost sight,
Let loose of all these worries--I just might.

The world I imagined when love was poetry,
The words I wanted--you stopped showing me.

I'm closing the gap--I'm saying good bye,
I'm letting go--I'm soaring high.

Melt my soul away,
Melt the promises you've made.

Burning deeply under the sun,
Burning softly compared to what you've done.
Jason Trinh Jan 2018
Surrealism at my right,
Celestial reality up above,
Oh how I missed this feeling,
The feeling of being in love.

Euphoric palettes gladden my toes,
Living 30,000 high on 28,
Let these desires come between us,
Let time do all but separate.

So tell me that all is fine,
Tell me that this is where we belong,
Cliche 35s on repeat,
Cliche moments all night long.

Does it have to end so soon,
Leave your love with a kiss,
Oh how I missed this feeling,
The feeling of something like this.

— The End —