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 Aug 2018 Jasmin A
Michael Kusi
The divine gave the birth certificate of an angel to my veins
When the redness of Lamb's blood wrote on the walls of my heart.
It was on the finger of the Most High.
The doctors murmured I had to be cut out.
They pointed to me in the ultrasound and said to the surgeon: Cut it out.
Because otherwise the suspense of the womb would unborn me dead.
They say what the Lord gives He takes away
The doctors determined the only thing a normal birth could give
Would be to take me from myself
So that only a headstone would remain.
That stone would not cry out
But be silent, forever
The only place my name would appear
Would be in tearful sighs
And marked stones.

But imagine if that name was a question
That only worship could answer
The finger of the Lord scribbled Michael
Because He heard that cry.
Imagine that my other name was a statement that hoped I would live.
That prayed I would count as belonging to the land of the living.
Have strength like a rock
And not just a name on a stone.
The finger of the Lord etched Binka.
On the wall of a heart
That was made of living, precious stones.

God said I will redeem your hope.
So that when I was held
It was the first time since the beginning
I did not face the option of being disembodied
Now I had to be strength embodied
I would not ever have to claw myself back into the womb
Because I always climbed out into life
And now there is no turning back.
 Aug 2018 Jasmin A
harley r noire
my love, hang on tight
for blossoms will rise after
the cold wintertide
Wrote a haiku again! This is a reminder that "this too shall pass". You're not alone and you can get through this. All the love! x
 Aug 2018 Jasmin A
 Aug 2018 Jasmin A
we're both running
from our haunting pasts
we both stayed
even though we knew it'll never last

this time together
let's try again
let's run away from everything
but with our hands intertwined
you held my hand, you held my heart
 Jan 2018 Jasmin A
 Jan 2018 Jasmin A
There is no ball and there is no court
We’re just friends so why can’t you call
Even to keep it short
Why do I always have to be the one to pick up the phone
Sitting at home
Liquor cabinet dry as a bone
It would be nice to see your name on the screen when my phone rings
Sadly it’s never you
It’s never a friend just wanting to check on things
I’ll wait and maybe you’ll call one day
Maybe it’ll be you just wanting to say “hey”
 Jan 2018 Jasmin A
 Jan 2018 Jasmin A
Without you it’s not enough
You send me to the edge with everything I love
I’m just a man who is down on his luck
You’re just looking down on me from above
 Jan 2018 Jasmin A
Pharmer John
 Jan 2018 Jasmin A
I wish life were like a musical
And less pharmaceutical
Adderall days and Xanax nights
It bites
I’ve seized flight there’s no light or end in sight
Things crumble
I stumble
As things slowly turn to ash
I’ve hit the ground too fast
Obligated to stay animated
Agitated because I never made it
 Apr 2017 Jasmin A
Michael L
Coworkers seeking chit chat
I've a long night at that
Smiling and nodding robotically
If I leave they will hate me

The office party is on
They usually drag on till dawn
I look around for a spot
Just to hide out from the lot

Raising my head I see you
Eyes bright and blue
You look in my direction
I smile to show affection

As you move near me
My heart begins it's plea
Your fragrance precedes
A temptation indeed

Inches from me you stand
I reach out my hand
You slip your fingers in mine
Pulling me close its divine

You whisper in my ear
Why are you trembling dear?
I answer with a gentle kiss
Your smile tells me you like this

My intention is to hold you close
And dance until we overdose
My hands enjoy your curves
Another kiss to calm your nerves

Our bodies move in unison
This night has just begun
Dance with me till daybreak
These feelings I can't fake
For you xo
 Apr 2017 Jasmin A
Michael L
Darling, have we reached perfection?
The pinnacle, the peak
Our hearts and minds fully aligned
No need to utter a word to be heard

Darling, can I call you mine?
Your name, eternally on my lips
Satisfied each day with your presence
I'll guard your heart from pain

Darling, can I be your lover?
It began with a touch of your hand
Now I'm aroused by the rest of you
Continuing to quench desires thirst

Darling, how can I resist your beauty?
Your eyes, they smile at me, I'm crushed
Lips of silk, work their magic
Hypnotic curves, lead me astray

Darling, can you stay?
With me till my last breath
Our story, it's not yet finished ...

... Darling, can you stay?
seduced ...
You don't know what real love feels like

The unconditional kind
The kind that heals and fills you

You got rid of the only person who tried to show you
Me. I was it.
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