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J Jan 2018
Life is like a treat
But you have to know sour
Before you know sweet
J Jan 2018
I wish life were like a musical
And less pharmaceutical
Adderall days and Xanax nights
It bites
I’ve seized flight there’s no light or end in sight
Things crumble
I stumble
As things slowly turn to ash
I’ve hit the ground too fast
Obligated to stay animated
Agitated because I never made it
J Jan 2018
Without you it’s not enough
You send me to the edge with everything I love
I’m just a man who is down on his luck
You’re just looking down on me from above
J Jan 2018
There is no ball and there is no court
We’re just friends so why can’t you call
Even to keep it short
Why do I always have to be the one to pick up the phone
Sitting at home
Liquor cabinet dry as a bone
It would be nice to see your name on the screen when my phone rings
Sadly it’s never you
It’s never a friend just wanting to check on things
I’ll wait and maybe you’ll call one day
Maybe it’ll be you just wanting to say “hey”
J Jan 2018
Grasping and clinging, holding too tight
I love you, so make me happy
It’s on you to make things right

A nurturing hold while letting things flow
I love you, so just be happy
If that involves me, simply let me know
J Jan 2018
Don’t try to fulfill yourself through another
Come together already fulfilled within yoursleves and appreciate that in the other

A sense of well being is something no one else can supply
If you want to feel worth, only on yourself can you rely
J Jan 2018
I want to lay in bed with a queen
I want to make love to the woman of my dreams
An artist, a poet, a woman very cultural
Willing to get ******* on the múltiple
I’ll give you everything when it comes to passion
Don’t ask me to share anything else with you
I don’t know what might happen
Let’s keep it in the bedroom for now
Because I like when the neighbors say we’re loud

I’m afraid to let this go any further
I don’t want that feeling we’re I’d do anything for her
I’m hard to love and my love is strong
If it’s just *** how can anything go wrong
No way I’m letting another one in
No way I roll the dice. Think twice
There’s not a chance I’ll win

I know thinking like this I’ll always end up alone
That’s just me though
A lovers heart is something I’ll never own
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