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 Dec 2013 jalalium
Sarah Hibbett
I hope you see me when you fall asleep
But never to touch
And never to keep
Because that's what you've done to me
I loved you too much
I dove in too deep
I want you to feel the agony
Of not being able to reach what's right infront of me
I've been chasing you for as far back as I can see
Now isn't it your turn to chase me?
Because you deserve to suffer and to cry
Because that's what I did almost every night
You took my heart and gave it a chance to fly
But instead of wings you gave me weighted chains
Please explain your reasoning
So turn around and run towards me
Chase me as far as you can see
And maybe if you're lucky
I'll slow down long enough for you to catch me
 Dec 2013 jalalium
 Dec 2013 jalalium
his voice was gravelly
my world was falling apart
g chords played to perfection
walls colliding with each other
he screamed 2 *******
people ran for cover
the devil to the microphone
they called him up
someone dialed 911
he started singing
gravelly voice
and people were transfixed
 Dec 2013 jalalium
Steven Martin
Jealousy grips my stomach
       Insides twisting with thoughts I can’t think

A longing away from this moment
       A longing for her


When will I find my goddess?

She steps in silence
        Across the snow
The lilies love her
        Her laugh they know

With patient pride
And delicate care

Sloped lips of red
And luscious hair

spreads symmetry;
entropic chaos.

Light thread

Her mind at peace
Her pond so still  

I’ll wait for her
My source of Will
 Dec 2013 jalalium
Such A Fuss
 Dec 2013 jalalium
I'm sorry for the way I acted
But can you blame me
For having such passion
Who else has made
Such a fuss over you
I doubt many people
Love you like I do
I hate the spell
You've casted upon me
It's made me different
And now I've gone crazy
© Peyton 2013
 Dec 2013 jalalium
LOL Haxored
 Dec 2013 jalalium
I never mean to be that guy,
But every time a friend uses another friend's Facebook,
The go-to gag will be a status saying "I'm gay," with
Eyeroll emoticons and LOLs promptly following.
Giggles and pointed fingers echo off the walls and
Into the ears of the suffering silent.

Those two words used as punchlines are the heirs,
The progeny of a past bathed in blood.
They are words weighted down by chains linked with laughs
And locked by the smiles and eyerolls.
The free ones revel in the fire baptismal they impress upon
Those left chained to the wall in the shadows.

Like children, they delight in the minor sting of the fireball that destroys those they mock.
Eyes sparkle and smiles flash at the fictional thrill that entertains them and murders the ones who dare to speak.
Their drums beat as the celebrate the chic
Game they get to play--playing Chicken with a train that isn't there
While others are strapped to the tracks by their shadows,
The darkside of the dance.

Songs and howls fill the skies and mix with the screams of the tortured to put the icing on
Their twisted fandango--a brilliant spectacle to distract from the cries for help;
A spectacle as brilliant as the screens of their phones as they type the jokes stained with sadness:
"I'm gay LOL haxored," with the laughs following
At the circus, while miles away a boy sobs into his sheets,
The cold stars his only company.
I was a phony,
a fake.
A wasted excuse for life.
I would look into the mirror and see nothing in my eyes.
I was another artifact that this selfish world has created.
I was blending into the world around me,
you don't even notice that i'm standing here,
right in front of you.
But I don't want to be like that.
I want to be a vibrant red in a sea of grays
I want to be something beautiful,
something pleasing to look at.
I want to flourish into a beautiful rose.
I want to be like a new rainfall after a lifetime of droughts.
I want to be inspiring and beautiful
I want to be hope for the hopeless.
But since i'm not,
how can I get there?
How can I stand out?
How can I make a difference?
Am I able to do it?
Do I just not see all the possibilities to change?
Maybe i'm just afraid of change...
 Dec 2013 jalalium
Selena Irulan
If you were a puzzle,
I'd take you apart
and carefully analyze each piece.
It'd be a challenge to learn every part,
how they fit in together, and why,
a fun little game of you.
I'd begin to know the real you.
The mystery part in which i had no clue
Everything you hide, i'd find
But while I was playing this game,
forgive me if I maybe-
just maybe-
slip a piece into my pocket
(it was an accident I swear),
so that whenever you're being put back together,
you wouldn't be whole without me.
It was in the time of forever
when we lay there
Unbound we unwound,
the sound of your heart
the way that you parted your lips,moved your hips,
like a snake wide awake,
coiled in sleep we could keep what we sow in this ocean so deep,
in this time of forever
in the place where we're never
sometimes forever isn't very long at all but it's always forever that is traced in my heart.
 Dec 2013 jalalium
Danny C
Prose #4
 Dec 2013 jalalium
Danny C
In winter, sound travels faster. It cuts through the December air like an airplane through a morning cloud. But inside it's still the same: A restaurant of clattering silverware clanking against emptying plates of an overpriced breakfast and dialogues blending together like the roar of industrial dishwashers. I wonder how many conversations it takes to fill an otherwise empty room with white noise. Sometimes a spoiled child will punch through the murmuring with a wild, untamed hiss, or a clash of plates, glasses and silverware stacked like a wavering Jenga tower will crank necks and turn shoulders. And yet, in my booth for two, half filled -- as my coffee is -- there is silence more terrifying than a raging hurricane. As the waiter fills my coffee with a consolation sigh, I sit quietly thumbing through old contacts in a phone built for someone far more important than me. I see no names that should fill the empty seat, and wish so badly to add a new one.
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