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Steven Martin Feb 2016
Filthy pitted face
            Bile Green

Gleaming viscous fangs
                   Bright Yellow

From time to time
           this friend of mine
                   comes to say hello

The stench nauseating
    grinding knots
      in my bowels

I respond promptly enough,
quick strike to the dome,
and he recoils to the shadows

But to pretend his whispers
       can't be heard
to pretend the gleam in my eyes
       as I feign integrity
                isn't him

That right there,
Is a bit more challenging.

So bottoms up,

        Let's entice our demons

                   To come and play
Steven Martin Feb 2016
I love you, I say

    with the slightest metallic shimmer
in my eyes

nearly imperceptible body armor
cold to the touch

Such a weak way to go about love.
Steven Martin Jan 2016
I hear the sound of my footsteps

          and the beating of my heart

My heart reaches its tender fingers


And the impending silence fills me
Steven Martin Jan 2016
Trust nothing I say

I yield lips of sweet poison

To part other's lips
Steven Martin Nov 2015
large embers cool slowly

Waiting for the faintest breath

to blow them back to life
A single text, a flood returns
Steven Martin Oct 2015
I sit upon my chair and think of life
It feels this stage is set right on a knife

To left, a choice to fall into the clay
Into machines, they grind and knead away

To right, the darkness eats at time itself
Room flips, and values fall from off your shelf

Just kiss the knife with toes one at a time
Breath slow, the edge, I pray, will grow, to feel

insanity waits for those who fall
Steven Martin Oct 2015
Her I sit, just trying to write
Applying to jobs like that’s my life’s plight

To pave right ahead, don’t think till I’m dead

Grows heavy feelings in fingers like lead

What feels not genuine in things I’m sendin them?

I try and be real yet I see I pretend again

Again and again, deceits all I’m lendin them

Breath nice and slow and try an begin again

Again and again, nothings been mended friend

Take what you’ve got and take what you’ve done

Throw all that on paper, compressed into one

One single page

My resume

What does it say of me?

Dry tidbits of years and hours that came from me

Once it was sang from me

Once pulsed and rang from me

Like torrents of heart, blood, and tears

It all drained from me

Left out in the sun, some dry shrinking things

The future will come
Let it bring what it brings
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