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Sarah Hibbett Aug 2013
I hope you see me when you fall asleep
But never to touch
And never to keep
Because that's what you've done to me
I loved you too much
I dove in too deep
I want you to feel the agony
Of not being able to reach what's right infront of me
I've been chasing you for as far back as I can see
Now isn't it your turn to chase me?
Because you deserve to suffer and to cry
Because that's what I did almost every night
You took my heart and gave it a chance to fly
But instead of wings you gave me weighted chains
Please explain your reasoning
So turn around and run towards me
Chase me as far as you can see
And maybe if you're lucky
I'll slow down long enough for you to catch me
Sarah Hibbett Aug 2013
A flaw can be found on every square inch of my body
And perfection can be found on every square inch of yours
I don't deserve perfect
I wouldn't know what to do with it
So I won't chase after you
I'll just watch
I'll watch your grace and your beauty
I'll watch your lips dance and your eyes wander
I'll study you
I'll study you until I have finally convinced myself that you are without a doubt the unattainable
The impossible
So that when I go home and lay my head on my pillow
I won't she's a tear for you
Because I know
You are the unattainable, the impossible

— The End —