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Jagriti Sep 2020
I'll love you forever,
Will you wait for me?

From someday
I'll need you for forever,
For that someday
Will you wait for me?

I'll loose my path,
I'll loose you too,
Will you still wait for me?

I'll be taken away by my dreams,
But one day I'll come back to you
For that one day,
Will you wait for me?

In the lapse of time
I'll run around in circle,
Will you be in that original place
Waiting for me?
In the lapse of time we run around in circles, will that person, will he/she be in that original place waiting for you?

What do you think?
Jagriti Sep 2020
A lovable girl
I met her,
It's been four long years
Since I know her.

We've been together
Always in all our ups and downs,
But it seems like
It's just yesterday when I met that clown.

I know her very well
Is there still something left?
Coz I want to know
Her each and every depth.

She shares very little
Thank god with me atleast she do,
Me, yes I too
Very often do.

She doesn't says anything
But in her eyes I see her pain,
It's obvious coz
Afterall we are very close friends.
No gift for appreciation is better than the gift of words.

So I thought of appreciating my friend with my words😊
Jagriti Aug 2020
Be my moon
While I'll be your moonlight,
Be the bird of paradise
While I'll be your sunlight,
Be mine
While I'll be on your side.
Jagriti Aug 2020
Memories hurts the most,
If you don't need me
Erase all those.
Jagriti Aug 2020
I Fear
What will happen
When you are not here,
My soul smiles only
When you are near.

You are smiling over there
With your crew,
Do you even know
What I am going through.

My life is zilch
Without you,
It demands pleasure
Of being with u.
A poem from a poet to her friend.
Who have gone through the journey of from being best friend to nothing

— The End —