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Nov 2016 · 937
twenty one pilots
Jaded1 Nov 2016
twenty one pilots
aren't you forgetting something?
the twenty second second
second from the one
one you forgot

the twenty second ammend-ment
meant a lot
to the twenty second pilot
twenty two pilots doesn't sound about as right though

stuck in the shadows
waters so shallow
swallow the bitterness
betterness isn't a word apparently
twenty second pilot take a taxi cab
Apr 2016 · 268
Jaded1 Apr 2016
I never really felt alive
Until I watched Olivia Pope do it
She stood in the sun
Mar 2016 · 183
Mar 2016 · 506
Jaded1 Mar 2016
From the very core of my being,
to the very last strand of my mane
I am African

Yes, from Africa
Not the Africa of starving children
Certainly not the Africa of women deprived of voting rights
nor the adoption hub of the rich and famous
that is your Africa, not ours.

Our Africa
yes, our Africa
Is a developing child, constantly, incessantly ridiculed,
reminded of its inability to walk,
but see how it crawls towards the mark,
feel the steady beat of its hurting heart,
Isn't that a sign of vitality?
Isn't that the very beat that keeps mother earth alive?

Yes I am African from Africa
The Africa the world wont tell you about
The Africa that sheds a tear everyday and says;
" dear  world, see  me  for  who  i  am,
no,  not  through  t­he  lens  of  a  misguided  camera,
see  me  through  the  lens..
of  a  telescope"
Jan 2016 · 462
Jaded1 Jan 2016
"I planted peaches and apples
but  ate only the seeds...i mean..the poison,
gladly tossing the fruit away"

as in introspection
i look at all the poison growing around me
not far away is my little watering can
the one with which i had happily watered all the poison
and now..and now it is in full bloom

poison was the words that proceeded out of his mouth
every statement a measure of cyanide
calculated cunningly for everyday of my existence
and willingly i drank from my cup

slowly slowly
he rolls his tongue and spews forth the venom,
the venom that would be the end of me
"focus focus" my mind screams
but i can't
i cant hold on to the very dreams that held me together in days bygone

how dare you accuse yourself of such ?
Did you tell him to lace the compliments with arsenic?
but no answers
Im gone
before i utter a word today i ask myself, am I offering this person apple seeds or the apple itself? is this the peach or the peach pit?
love will offer the apple and the peach
Apr 2015 · 252
Dark days ahead
Jaded1 Apr 2015
slowly I rise and dust myself
ready for the dark days ahead

your birthday,
your death day, mother's day
Nov 2014 · 276
Jaded1 Nov 2014
you have my green eyes, i have your hair colour
we wear matching clothes, people tell us that we are adorable
you go to my school, and we have the same crush
same birthday, same parents, same complexition, same everything

twins you say? your mistake
we are Greece and Greece
let the tug of war begin
Nov 2014 · 236
Jaded1 Nov 2014
1 love; that's ours
Oh how I cherish it

2 hearts; that beat in sync
You really are my soul mate

3 people; when it stopped being tango
Why did you bring her in?

4 minutes, of break up drama
I love you too much to argue with you

5 hours; to pack and leave
A sad departure

6 days; to come to terms with it
How could you?

7 weeks; hoping you'd come for me
But you never did

8 months, all the hope is gone
Except a small flicker

9 years; exactly our daughter's age
You never came to see her

10 decades; how a day without you feels
God I feel so old

11 times, I see you and hide
I look like I've been to hell and back

12 thousands; got her out of the picture
Yes...she values money more than you

13 photos of you and her; cut to shreds
But still they haunt me in my sleep

14 miles; cut to zero once again
I'm glad to have you back

15 songs; I dedicate to you my love
You are my one and only obsession
sometimes the people we love hurt us but we always go back there, for love
Oct 2014 · 305
dear husband
Jaded1 Oct 2014
Skating on thin ice
Everything I say seems to make you hate me more
That’s not how it’s supposed to be
I whispered in your ear and you accused me of screaming

Dear husband,
Who is supposed to love me when you don’t?
Who am I supposed to impress when I can’t  even arouse your curiosity
Wasn't it only yesterday when I was the object of your interest?
Or wait maybe it was just lust and now years of child bearing have diminished my worth?

Dear husband,
What about those promises made under the stars?
Or the five children that we had in less than 10 years?
Or the bruises I hid every time you hit me and I didn't tell a soul?
What about them my love?

Dear husband,
Yesterday I put on the dress that you used to like,
You said I look like a *****,
I tried another one and you called me an old hag
What changed my love?

Dear husband
Don’t say I never loved you,
But today I'm going to file for a divorce
I'm not ashamed, I'm not a failure
I'm just a woman standing up for herself!
men, lets love our women even when age catches up with them....
Oct 2014 · 468
But no
Jaded1 Oct 2014
My pain cannot be hidden,
All my words are tinged with red, not because I misspelled them,
But because my pain cannot be hidden

I trusted, I admired and I loved, but no, you didn't
All you wanted was to make me bleed
Just one knife hole would have been enough
But no, only a million needle ****** would do for you

You said I was beautiful inside
My thoughts led me to believe it was my heart you were referring to
But no, you were talking about my ******
How could I be so naive!

With my eyes closed, I let you strip away the innocence of my youth
All in hope that you would stay,
But no, you had other plans
You were on mission “use and discard”

Yes, you succeeded
Everyone told me that I could live without you,
“We have all been there and back” they said
But no, that was a fabrication,
A common platitude… that doesn't work

Well that was yesterday, before I saw you with that girl today,
Your accomplice on mission; “break her down”
But no, this time you didn't succeed
Well it’s true that we are all like pebbles of sand, the wind can blow us away
You are not an exception
Sep 2014 · 615
The First time
Jaded1 Sep 2014
it wasnt the first text
rather the initial sext
that set me head over heels
no, i wont forget the next
for it surpased the rest
and passed the ultimate test

left me grappling with feelings
feelings that may never be entertained
except he felt the same  
the same as i....

left me wondering, which did he love?
is it my name or my fame?
or was it the heart or face?
whatever it was,
it ran with the river tibet,
im gona go fishing today,
to look for the treasure,
the treasure to win him all over again
for he is mine.
handpicked i say, handpicked
fell in love with poetry a long time ago but never had the guts to write one...this is me defeating fear

— The End —