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heather leather
17/F/wonderland.    heather. amateur poet. even more amateur person.
just north of ordinary    Under construction. Dreaming out windows. Want to hear me read it? Please visit: I have two eBooks on Amazon.
Mahdiya Patel
20/F/Johannesburg    The teenager that grew up too fast . أنا أحبك ~
yass min
hi , i'm yass ... i'm just a confused clueless teenager, trying to find herself .
Humboldt County Ca.    Life on the Mad River. Through lines: poetry. I went into psychology with two questions: how do people work and what is the source of ...
Isha Kumar
20/India    Life is a party and I'm the pinata
Chasing the Moon    Lycan is my pseudonym. He's someone I aspire to be. "Fate had its last cry two minutes till midnight."
The Dragon Prince
Australia    Uh, my name is Kalum. I don't come on here often anymore. I like writing and reading heaps. Hooroo until later
The Basalisk's Chambers    "And sometimes, love is just the aftermath of a tragedy." ----Skaidrum.
Michelle Garcia
Virginia, USA    Seventeen. Inspired by the beauty of the human existence. Twitter/Instagram: @mooopsy
Fin de partie
Whoever appeals to the law against his fellow man is either a fool or a coward. Whoever cannot take care of himself without that law ...
Jamaica    "Sadness is my home, Because happiness is too short lived." TWITTER: antxthesis wattpad : swaniidelrey IG: wild.chrysanthemum
Mckenna Lynn
find strength in pain & cherish love
England    Just stuff
Destiny Odeh
26/M/Abuja, Nigeria.    Being whole is overrated. It's the holes that make us beautiful.
beth eve
uk    how strange it is to be anything at all
"Sometimes following your heart may mean losing your mind." -Ernest Hemingway "What have you done, child?" -Aslan, The Chronicles of Narnia
18/F    "To elevate the soul, poetry is necessary." -Edgar Allan Poe
where East meets West    Feeling Playing Recycling myself Writing as a way of being together
19/Cisgender/find me at a cemetery.    does growing up count as childhood trauma
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