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Kenzie Aug 2014
She gives you words
Of poisoned wine
But still reminds you
To not burn your hands

She uses a blade
Of deceit and curdled anger
But still folds your

She hangs a noose
Around your mind
But still tells you
To make good choices

She kills your words
Before they are spoken
But still tends to you  
When you are ill

She breathes venom
Against every corner of your mind
But still holds you
Like she loves you
  Aug 2014 Kenzie
rained-on parade
Love is an art.

And I can barely
draw you a stick figure.
Funny story. True story.
  Aug 2014 Kenzie
The sun wakes after I have walked two hours just to trace the outline of your body.
My arms have purple fingerprints from all the times you grabbed me when I walked into your ghost.
A thousand suns used to fall from the tips of my fingers into your outstretched hands.
You would kiss me just to catch the cigarette smoke unfurling out of my mouth.
We used to play last card beneath a candle light and sitting in forts.
The colours of a hundred sun sets fell from your mouth when you looked at me.
Rainbows had formed in the back of your throat where you thought no one could find them, but I tasted them when your lips met mine.
My eyes have dark rings under them from all the sleepless nights you caused me.
You carved a hole in my chest and never replaced it.
You held me so tight all of my bones broke and every crack had your name inside.

The sun woke this morning and I wasn't tracing the outlines of your body.
I wasn't speaking volumes because your lips weren't touching mine, and that's the only time I feel safe enough to write a novel.
The sun rose and I was waist deep in the water, trying not to think about your face.
But the water made waves that carried your name right to me.
Kenzie Aug 2014
I analyzed your typing pattern
The way you moved your
Index finger across the keyboard
And the way you type my name
Like it is precise but unimportant

I hope you see how my hands move
When I'm drawing on the walls
The way they say your name
Like they're begging Rome not to fall.

I anaylized the way you make your tea
And the way you stir three sugars
And regret
The way you hold the handle
Like my hands won't forget

I hope you see how I make the bed
How I tuck the sheets
Carefully on your side
The way I fix the pillows
Where we had once cried

I anaylized the way you speak
and with light
Hoping that a word you say
Won't induce another fight

I hope you see what we've become
This couple of medicocracy
Feelings of forgien beings
Of political democracy

I anaylized the way we
Tread with light feet
And heavy hearts
I know that soon
It all will fall
Your reign of Rome will end
but until then
I'll play an empress of pretend
Kenzie Aug 2014
I pretended that he watched her
Like as if to observe
The golden tips
From butterfly wings

I pretended that he touched her
So he could signal
Her nerve endings to stop shaking

I pretended that he kissed her
As if they were a place to worship
That his body was all he had
To offer

I pretended that he brought her
So that she couldn't feel
The steel pillars in her soul

I pretended that he loved her
But instead
He just sipped his tea
And folded
Arms across the table
Kenzie Aug 2014
I used
At the ends
Of questions
I didn't feel comfortable
Leaving them
Open ended
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