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  Feb 2020 fallacies
i dreamt of you once again-
i wish i had not woken up.
fallacies Feb 2020
i hate that in a crowd of people, i frantically look for your familiar face
no matter how small the probability of that happening is

but i would still love to see it
fallacies Jan 2020
i have this urge to remove my glasses
when i walk around campus
just so that, if ever you were somewhere near
i would not see you
because even just the thought of you
is enough to make me cry,
what more if i saw you there, clear as day?
i think that's when my internal clouds would turn gray
and my eyes would rain their woes away
fallacies Jan 2020
i got used to never letting myself breathe- i mean, what's the point when everyone around wants to suffocate you?
fallacies Jan 2020
if loving you is a sin, then send me straight to hell
fallacies Jan 2020
have you lost your words?
fallacies Jan 2020
if you are looking for a way for me to give up and hate you, i am sorry to disappoint you,
but i am already blinded by the many reasons to love you
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