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jesse packard Jan 16
I love the way you love me,
I love the way you look at me,
I love the way you make me feel,
I love the way you hold my hand,
I love the way you have trust in us,
I love the way you look at our son,
I love the way you smile for no reason,
I love the way you're hair looks in the sun,
I love the way you like the same stuff as me,
I love the way you see the heart I have to give,
I love the way you are shy around new people,
I love the way you tease me because I'm a dork,

These are some of the ways I love you
jesse packard Jan 16
across borders is hell to pay
when you say to go away
the life I breathe
is hell to take
as you have the child
I came to raise
our love was fruitful
like your heart
we made our vows
together forever
to have and hold
we were told
you spoke of peace
you didn't believe
then you crush
this heart of mine
we used to smile
and say good night
now all we do is fight
about how we changed
where do you draw the line
when you have our son over state line
when will I see the son of mine
my wife is in canada and i have no clue when i will see my son again
  Jan 16 jesse packard
Last night the truth faced me,
And looked me in the eye,
Death never promised,
That we’ll say goodbye.

It can come in the night,
And steal you away,
Like an endless dream,
Like a beast and its prey.

I’ll wake in the morning,
To find that you’re gone,
That life left your eyes,
Long before dawn.

And I’ll have been powerless,
To save you from death.
I couldn’t lend you my heartbeat,
Or transplant my breath.

You’ll have slipped out of my reach,
And I’ll have to live knowing,
That you’ll never come back,
And I’ll have to keep going.

Last night the truth faced me,
And told me in my ear,
No matter how much I love you,
I can’t keep you here.
She is poised and passionate
She is beautiful and loving
She has my heart and soul
She is my wife and partner
She will be happy and safe

Living with our son and me
I have a lot to do
To get ready for you
We will have a place
If you just trust me

In the time we've been apart
it has hurt my heart
I don't want hunter to grow up without
His father and mother
jesse packard Jun 2018
Oh Loo, sweet loo.

How I long for you.
After my morning coffee,
When my gut starts to move.

Oh loo how I long for you.

As I sit on your plush covered seat,
to take a morning poo.
I notice that you are so sweet,
waiting for my number two.
Oh loo how I long for you
jesse packard Nov 2017
Two lover lying beneath the innocent sky.
Looking at the moon in heaven, in the
silence of the bitter cold winter nights,
with stars painted across the innocent sky.

Hanging on to every word spoken,
as if this may the last time they speek.
The emptiness provided a mark of better
understanding, for the promise made.

There will be a time where he asks you
Just follow you're heart and never ever.
mind helping me pick a name for this?
jesse packard Nov 2017
Psilocybe mushroom you are the best.
in death there is life, as a psilocybe.
You conquer all that is around you,
and fill my mind with craziness.

To think you are so small, and pack such a punch.
With you're purple brown spores,
and youre wavy margins and a pellical draped over you.
A stalk so small and strong to hold you're weight.

I think the way you work, makes me a better man.
Remembering the stuff I lost long ago.
thank you my little tiny friend,
but I have to go.
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