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please feed me
with kisses
that taste like finality
because we
only feel alive
when we are
about to die
I try to touch your breathe with my lips
Holding on to your heart
I want you to touch the curves of my hips
But you are tearing me apart

One more kiss just for the road
Come on, please don't go
if it's just  lust then why am I breaking?
I need more memories of your soul
My heart's now turning to the color of coal
 Sep 2015 HotSauceMcPoetry
 Sep 2015 HotSauceMcPoetry
Let's make a deal
that the smoke scented
taste of your tongue
will never leave mine.
you are a summer night

the way you keep me up

so hot the sheets stick to me

i have to open the windows,

take off all my clothes

morning comes and i still

feel you on my skin
Thats all you are,
From your hair to your hips
It makes me want to do flips

These demons make me not care
These demons make me...
want to tear your clothes apart
Something about your smile
Something about your legs
Its like your stacking pegs
Getting no where
because caring is something
that isn't their

I love the way you look at me when were done
I love the way your body looks when your on top
I love the way you look
I love the way
I love the
I love
I lust
His Voice Or Mine

With his kiss upon your lips
As you close your eyes
Do you think about the life we had
Or the new life he provides

Do his hands caress your body
The ways that mine once did
Does his touch give you pleasure
Like only I could give

Do you see true love in his eyes
Like the love I had for you
Will your heart beat just as fast
As when I walked in the room

Does the memory of him fill your days
Is our memory lost in time
And as you sleep within your dreams
Do you hear his voice or mine

Poem by : Carl Joseph Roberts
One of my favorite poems.
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— The End —