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Emily Mar 2021
It is so sad that you feel bad
We both know that the situations are bad
"I understand" i say, but you blame me for not letting you stay the last time you spend time, with me.

I wish I could bring back time,
Where i was spending my whole day and night time, with you,
I wanna see you one more time.

I wish you got stuck with me forever,
Until the pandemic is over.

I wish I can see you again,
I will continue to wish till I can see you again.
A wish that I don't know if it will come true.
But I know one day everything I wish will come true.

So I will wish again and again for your safety.
Please stay healthy, until i can see you again.
This thought of mine are so heavy,
My heart are so lonely
That's why I am writing right now, my dear. It is so lonely here

See you when this is all over, my dear.
Emily Mar 2021
I wonder how can we scape
From this terrible shape of life?

— The End —