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 Sep 2019 Helena
Infamous one
 Sep 2019 Helena
Infamous one
Over being know for an old habit
Not about that life anymore
This shadow can't keep the the light out
Let go off all the frustration from within
Trying to prevail get to the next level
Did more than most not settling to fail
Hardest worker in the room good attitude
Busting and hustling making moves
A few off days usually in the groove
 Sep 2019 Helena
Ashley Chapman
 Sep 2019 Helena
Ashley Chapman
You don't love, you fear.
I like the way this loops, fear, love, me, you.
 Sep 2019 Helena
Ashley Chapman
An insect,
Dull conscious,
In playful dance.

It, he, her,
Before a vision,
Where birds cross clouds.

Their vectors,
Love affirmations,
That meet,
In circles widen.
 Sep 2019 Helena
K Balachandran
This sly pet rabbit,
out of regular habit,
eats garden cabbage!
sly  pet rascal  habit  cabbage
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