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Naomi Aug 2022
Oh, dear you...
I wish I could keep you forever
Let's be still here together

I know I'm holding on to you a little too much
Look how perfect we look in the summer
Naomi Aug 2022
I'm so in love with the idea of someone getting to know me.

I'm so eager to be appreciated.

I want my thoughts to be valued.

I'm starting to realize only I can give myself that.

Maybe that's why I obsess and want to hear everything about your life. How can I make it better?

How can I help you realize that I can bring value to your life?

I'm so selfish. All I over wanted was my own love.
Naomi Jul 2022
Do you know that scary feeling of time going by too quickly?
One more month left of summer
I've procrastinated a lot
I need more time to waste my time
When we have no pressure I crumble and lay there confused about what to do

So many days wishing for more time
and now I lay here
as time goes by...
Naomi Jul 2022
There's almost something so beautiful in starting over.

Something so bold.

so new and strange .

And we both know you thought it wasn't in me. And God, i'm so glad it's in me to be this problematic

I'm not okay, but I'm better

I'm starting to like myself again.

Don't blame me, I truly don't know what I want but at least now i'm not miserable trying to be someone I'm not.

I miss you dearly bc you were pure in ways I will never be again
Naomi Nov 2021
Sunlight dances of the leaves
buzzing bees and new beginnings in lovely September
you smile at the world and I can tell it likes you back...
We smile at each other to end each day.
And each day I will be grateful for you.

Waves gently stroke the shore
Waves gently pulled us apart
and I let you go thinking that it was best to hide and cover.
Slowly and gently I let us drown.

I still think I deserved better than someone who vanished this quickly
But then again, maybe you deserved someone who conquered the waves with no fear.

And so today I smile at the shore and thank the world for the opportunity to have had you in my life.

Let's just see what the morning brings
Naomi Jun 2021
and now that you may leave the soil you grew for me

I cry and weep for our lost souls

I see the way life has shaped you into the woman you are today

And I see the way it pains you to think you may leave this earth

I see the way it breaks you ... it breaks me

And you will continue to live in the small moments where I wonder what you would have said or done

All I know are sad songs where you appear
Naomi May 2021
Believe in me.

Like I believe in you.

Are you scared to be alone?

We're not the same. We're different.

You know everything about me.

But It's still not enough for me

Even when I pour my heart out I feel so out of reach

I have your continuous love and support

You're such a dream to me  

So I gotta go now

I'll hide the love letters I never sent

and you keep the vulnerable thoughts you never gave me.
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