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Hayley Anders Feb 2021
Little wolf,
With your eyes so bright.
I see them shining
In the dark of night.

Little wolf,
With your teeth so white.
They remind me
Of the gleaming moonlight.

Little wolf,
With your paws of might.
Holding you up high
Ready for a fight.

Little wolf,
Why do you stand alone?
Won't you come to me?
Won't you come home?
Hayley Anders Apr 2020
I can't help you
And it's killing me.
So who's dying inside more?
Hayley Anders Sep 2019
Fight back.
Fight back?
How do you fight back when the monster's teeth are at your throat?
How do you fight back when its claws are tearing their way to your heart?
How do you fight back when you say no and it laughs?
A rumble you hear travel through its chest and out its mouth.
A laugh that feels like needles in your eyes as it picks tears to run down your face as you cry, "No! No! No!"
Fight back, they say.
But how?
Hayley Anders Aug 2018
A figure walked into my room late one night. It was Death. Without any words, I knew it was my time. Tears rolled down my face, but I didn't make a sound. I didn't want the people outside to see what was about to happen. Death came to my bedside, laid down its scythe, and pulled down its hood. To my surprise, Death looked like an old friend and a smile spread across my face. We stayed there for a minute or two without words lingering in the air. I knew this time wasn't given to me to prepare or come to terms with what came next, but so I could enjoy my last moments and be at peace with myself. Death pulled up its hood, grabbed its scythe with one hand, and extended the other to me. In that moment, I grew scared of what would happen to the people I left behind, but one look at Death and I was calm once more. I looked around the room at the white walls and grabbed the hand of Death. As we left, I heard a voice I no longer recognize speaking words I no longer understood. What is a code blue?
Death isn't always scary.
Hayley Anders Aug 2018
I don't know if you remember me
A ghost from the past
Haunting you now
With all the pain that did last

I don't know if you remember me
A victim of your torture
Whispering the rumors that you started
Straight to the author

I don't know if you remember me
A light you liked to dim
Shining in your eyes
With bruises on every limb

I don't know if you remember me
But I remember you
Your past always comes back.
Hayley Anders May 2018
You know how you look up at all the stars in the sky and see how beautiful they are
How they shine
Until it's a cloudy night and all the stars are gone
And you wonder why you're looking up because there's nothing there to see
That's you
You're a cloudy night stealing my stars from me
No, wait, you're not
That's my depression
That cloudy sky is my depression
 But you wouldn't know that
You caused that
You were suppose to show me the constellations and how they shined just for me
How bright they shined just for me
But no, you came in and stole those stars
You *******
This is your fault and you don't care
"Oh I'm sorry"
How sorry can you be when you text an apology
You monster
You thief
How could you do this to me?
You took my stars and my sanity
But you don't care
You just moved on to another girl
I hope you treat her better
I hope you know every thought of you makes my mind *****
Makes me digusted
The sight of you is like looking at corpses and rot
Like maggots and worms
The sight of you is sickening
Every picture
Every thought
It makes me want to push you in the path of a bus
Of a train
Of a boat propeller
You'd deserve it
I hope you treat her better
And I want my stars back *******
You can't have them anymore
Stop taking people's stars
Hayley Anders Sep 2017
the safety net hurts worse than the ground
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