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 Jan 2018 Nicole
Britt Nichole
My fingertips touch your skin and listen to the stories coming from the lines pressed into your flesh
I feel you tenderly and fragments of words splay out onto the floor
I weave my fingers through yours
In my head I am weaving myself around each scattered syllable
I am afraid they will disappear - afraid they will evaporate like the sweat on our bodies

We are subtle in the anger we carry
You make love to me in a gentle way and afterwards I have bruises shaped like apologies on my arms
The sheets are wrinkled like my heart is on paper - like it is in my chest
I am so dizzy from you inside of me that I can feel my heartbeat in my fingernails
I think, This is what being in love feels like
My muscles smile achingly
I think, I was not prepared for this
My lungs fill up with agreement
I think you can hear my brain spinning too
I sigh so lightly that my ankles begin to float
New series - The Soft Poems! Yay!
 Dec 2017 Nicole
 Dec 2017 Nicole
Trigger Warning: Suicide**

No matter what happens to me physically or emotionally
My bamboo still grows
Whether it snows or storms or I cry buckets of tears
Even if my birth giver screams at me
The bamboo still stretches for the sky

It is a focal point

Still if my favorite bar customer commits suicide
I might forget to water it
If my brother gets in a car accident
The bamboo still grows
I guess to say that there is constant in a world of change and to cling to anything is futile
But to love what you are blessed with while you have it is a beautiful thing
To remember is also sweet, but it can be bitter
And I love my memories even if they are in my heart and not between my hands
To Tristan, bless your life and all that you have been.
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