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Gunnika Mehra Aug 2020
Living, under a cover,
Dreams, under their own rubble.

Sleeping, on a pillow of stone,
Existing, wanting to fix nothing no more.
  Aug 2020 Gunnika Mehra
whenever I see you
I feel you on my skin
Memories come sliding
Of what we have been

Now your lovely stranger
Knows the way you taste
All memories are forgotten
But yours is somewhere cased

This inquisition I hold in me
To search for myself
And for the world to see

Now I stand distant
Let the feelings sag
Ha! Eilish sings her own
"isn't it lovely, all alone".

                            Manya Pandey🌼
Gunnika Mehra Aug 2020
Who are you?
Why do you my home wreck?
A bond so thin,
Yet you weaken it more.
A heart so broken,
Why break it more?

The dawn of a new day,
Another bird of doom takes flight.
I can't shoot any more down,
My arrows will finish in a while.
Why can't you leave,
Let me rest a while.

Anger and tears,
Don't bring back my long lost fear.
I beg you please go,
Please let them be whole.
And if you won't go,
Snap the bond,
I would rather see them together no more.
  Jul 2020 Gunnika Mehra
I want this to be
the last poem that I've written
while I'm sipping on my tea
after everything's been eaten

after everything has been digested
then gone to my mid-section
after every recipe been tested
and cooked to perfection

but now the dishes are all stacked
and empty is the fridge
I'm ready waiting fully packed
crossing my life's bridge

so let me slowly sip my tea
and let me out loud slurp
this poem i will want to be
worth a one last burp
Gunnika Mehra Jul 2020
I feel like crying
But not in front of even a single soul.
I don't need people to tell me it's okay,
Instead I want  ‘me’ to make ‘myself’ whole.

I don't want a thousand glares of pity at my tears,
I don't need empty words thrown in the air.
All I need today is a smile,
A flower blooming from inside.
  Jul 2020 Gunnika Mehra
Sara Hila
In a dreadful night
where the moon was shining bright,
a mysterious maiden came running through.

Her face terrified,
for she was to become today a lovely bride,
but her love had just died.

Deep in a forest,
she was weeping in the dead of night,
under the soft moonlight.  

But when morning came,
she was already gone
and nothing was left of the girl,
except a beautiful willow tree in her name.
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