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little girl
rain with
rain until
the sun chokes
rain with
your dis-attuned nails
running Pisces through
my head
another word called
rain for
some mallards
rain on
rabid 90’s hip hop
we listen while driving
to the theatre
rain pounding
in the car
in the eyes
the sky seems to
my car’s roof
and this poem
breaks through
water uprising
your grey hat
your almonds
and my chin
I wish I could make it
for you
I wish I could hear your
in the morning
You're weak
because you think yourself stronger than other men.
to the loving couple.
I love and forgive all of you.
I'm sorry.
I can't explain the swell in my chest
when you say you will miss me
and that you wish I was with you
and that you love me,
and I know we are friends
but I feel like you're my
Your taste runs like kerosene in my veins,
Our kisses, heated, sending my insides aflame;
    I spontaneously combust, lover.
Skin to skin, your mouth is concentrated sin
You make lose my morals, the lust is building;
    Blinding, my pupils burn;
Yours darken with something primal, tensions thickening;
The anticipation's sinking
   right into my gut, I feel your touch
   calloused fingertips dancing up my thighs, teasing.

Your body glistening
   with sweat, trailing down south
   I follow the track hungrily with my mouth
   but it doesn't seem enough.
Our hearts beat fast like the ticking
    of a timebomb nearing detonation;
    We're going to detonate, my love.
We're going to burst in fancy colors like fireworks gone haywire,
    the bed is our sky.
We're going to get lost among the sheets,
    like sailing across familiar seas.
The moonlight, dangerously bright
    they seem to shine from your eyes
    but they darken with something like clouds on a stormy night.

And I'm not sure if there really is a God
    but tonight I kept calling his name
    yours interspersed in between
    heavy breathing, our pants sounding
    like broken notes of some orchestrated masterpiece
    and the crescendo's nearing.
Our pulse following the rising melody
I am mesmerized, out of control
I am lost amidst the euphoria
    right now
    with you
you're the worst kind of drug

and i want to you in every way possible

smoke, inhale, snort, injection

and i want to get

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