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Aug 2015 · 777
Brain Stormimg
they say i'm insane
just by the looks of my brain
not once have they tried
to understand my wish
to die.
the judgements coming faster
the storm isn't going
past us.
looking for a way out isn't working
all the sadness is leaving me
wishing & hoping
Aug 2015 · 337
7/2/15 11:23pm
i deserve every thing
you never gave me
like the diamond ring,
smiles & days spent laughing.
you promised me the world
but as usual you came up short.
pockets empty, eyes full of sorrow
broken little promises. saying,
"it'll be better tomorrow".
but for us tomorrow
never came & you left me
looking up the stars, wishing.
Jul 2015 · 708
alas, babylon
"don't let me go," life pleaded, but at that moment it slipped out of reach & i began to descend from reality. i knew nothing & wanted everything. And in that moment i felt pure euphoria. because i knew it was finally all over.
Jul 2015 · 226
7/20/15 5:00am
I wish it was the future already
Everything would be set in stone
And I wouldn't have to worry about
What's coming next and whether
Or not it'll ruin me even more
Jun 2015 · 1.8k
I can see you struggling// boy, don't hurt your brain// thinking of what you're gonna say// everything's a game// always trying to calculate// trying to look smart but not too smart// to threaten anything they say.
Brain- Banks(Goddess)
My nerves ache for the ocean
With each ounce of strength I own;
You're pressed under my skin,
Your name is written in my bones
But love needs tender touches
And I can't fit through the phone
So I guess I have to live like this
I'm meant to be alone.
She embraced the sunlight and danced in the wind and grew flowers in her hair. But the seasons changed and the sun didn't shine and the wind blew icy cold and the flowers died.

— The End —