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Jan 2023 · 210
the moon and me
caroline h Jan 2023
sometimes i think that the moon is mine
and that i am the the moon’s.
her craters wink at me,
a signal of secrets shared and kept.
Jan 2023 · 376
things i cannot tell him 1
caroline h Jan 2023
i don’t think that i ever fell out of love with you.
through everything
1200 miles
other flames
falling-outs and re-kindlings
no love has turned my stomach so
stolen through my veins as steadily
burned quite as brightly
as the love i keep for you.
caroline h Oct 2022
sometimes i eat
sometimes i eat until my body aches for an end
but the taste is always too satisfying to stop.
it's just the aftertaste
the lingering feeling in my stomach
that punishes me.
Jun 2022 · 52
caroline h Jun 2022
and so now
when you choose to find me again
i will not be found.
Feb 2022 · 213
caroline h Feb 2022
“we must hage the courage
to change the things we cannot accept
and to accept the things we cannot change”
but what if this thing
i cannot change
nor can i accept?
Jan 2022 · 60
caroline h Jan 2022
the thought of you,
lingering in the mezzaine of my thoughts,
makes my scars itch.
Sep 2021 · 59
caroline h Sep 2021
my throat thickens with layers of unshed tears
and once again
i find myself forgetting how to breathe through the pain of longing.
Sep 2021 · 587
caroline h Sep 2021
for the first time ever
i find myself to be so taken by someone
so in love
that it physically pains me.
my breath knocks,
my heart trembles,
my blood rages.
i’ve become a jumble of sensations
and there is nothing but him.
Mar 2021 · 412
caroline h Mar 2021
we had laid as one
“i can feel your heartbeat—“
perhaps the rain made me recall it.
Mar 2021 · 80
caroline h Mar 2021
you wrapped me in your arms
decorated me with kisses
my forehead,
each of my knuckles,
my cheeks,
my lips;
said you’re bound to me.
you took too much.
i have no more to give.
Mar 2021 · 496
the marionette
caroline h Mar 2021
let me go.
let me go.
Mar 2021 · 121
caroline h Mar 2021
and so
the tears filter through my lashes;
i let them salt my tastebuds.
Mar 2021 · 269
caroline h Mar 2021
there is a thread connecting us, you said
and i agreed
but one end is tied around my heart
while the other loosely circles your fingertip.
Feb 2021 · 326
caroline h Feb 2021
the sky is poignant with the scent of life
and the air is thick with color.

it is as though i can taste the stars
feel beats of ignescent hearts inside my cheek.
this feels permanent.
Feb 2021 · 441
caroline h Feb 2021
you brought me sticks of honey;
like the words that dripped from your lips,
they melted across my tongue.

— The End —